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Mario Party Star Rush

Nov 4, 2016 - Nintendo 3DS

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Critic Reviews for Mario Party Star Rush

Mario Party: Star Rush does a lot to recreate the feeling of couch-based multiplayer and pioneers with a handful of new modes, but succumbs to its portable limitations in time.

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5.2 / 10.0

Mario Party Star Rush’s modes range from OK to uninteresting, and even the fun mini-game challenges can’t make up for the boring overall package. The sheer repetition of events is a major problem that saps the excitement out of this party. After a few trips through Mario Party Star Rush’s modes, you’ll have seen nearly everything it has to offer.

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The minigames range from frantic and fun to repetitious and uneventful

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While Star Rush isn't the horrible 'car' wreck of the past two titles in the series, it is hardly recommendable due to a lack of mini-games and thus content, even if four players can play nearly the full game pending one other in the same room has the game (there is no online play to speak of, in case you were wondering). It is a shame, honestly. If there were around 30 more mini-games, and more bosses, this would have been easily recommendable, but as it stands at $40, it feels too expensive for what little is here. Now if you'd excuse me, I'm going to go to my Reggie shrine that I have in my closet and perform a blood sacrifice in hopes of getting a remastered collection of the classic games for the Switch. Praise be to his body, as it is always ready!

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Mario Party: Star Rush is a game with great parts and weak parts, which results in a very entertaining game for a few hours, but it will fail to entertain the player more time due to its lack of variety.

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Much like the console Mario Party on the Wii U, getting the most out of the game means you probably should have a compatible Amiibo on hand. For some modes this can mean that you gain a perk, such as an extra power up collected every time in Coinatholon or an extra try in the Challenge Tower. This could be used as an unfair advantage against human players in a game where luck is the main concept, which may not sit well with some players.

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Mario Party: Star Rush tries to solve some of the series' problemas without success, while leaving the turn based gameplay on the road.

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With Mario Party: Star Rush the classic and static mechanics of the series finally changes (for the better!). Overall, it's a decent party game, and it's fun to play by yourself, too. Its weak points are a lack of minigames, which make the main mode boring after few hours, and some slow loading times.

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