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Oct 26, 2016 - PC
Fair Man

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Critic Reviews for Sceal

Scéal’s story is a small one, which allows it to be emotional, yet subtle as it handles the themes of a young girl’s life and death.

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A quick overview of Sceal which is a mini Irish Folkore PC game with Chapter 2 gameplay.

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My final rating is solely for the art, I'd be generous to really call this a game, but it has its charm.

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Sceal is, in term of narrative driven games, a must-have. It comes with considerable baggage, but at the end, it's clearly worth the time spent. Again, if too much story and very little gameplay sounds like a big flaw, steer clear. As for everyone else, there's something incredibly unique to be found here.

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"Scéal is an interesting experiment in visual style and storytelling. It creates a unique atmosphere and explores a rarely-touched setting, that of Irish folklore. While it has little to no core gamer appeal, as a casual experience it holds up pretty well. It could have benefited from having more than one area to explore across its three chapters which would have maybe added to its play time as well, but it’s a fine and well-enough crafted project for its modest goals. And the music is pretty great."

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