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Available on:PCOct 26, 2016

Developer: Joint Custody

Genre: Art

Steeped in supernatural Irish folklore, Scéal (which means "story" in Irish) casts players into the role of the lost soul of a little girl, destined to wander the earth, with no memories of the life she once lived. Longing for release from her limbo, the spirit encounters Branna, the Raven of the Dead, who promises to take the girl to the afterlife if she can rediscover her name and recover the story of the life she once lived by reliving her memories inside the pages of Branna's magical storybook. At the heart of Scéal’s gameplay is its vibrant watercolour paint palette. Players must complete quests by painting buildings and objects to progress the storyline. Scéal also features a day/night cycle with colour palettes and music that change as the story / time progresses. Playing as the little spirit, players can transform into an angel of light or a dark banshee, repainting the world as they move through it, changing the world from happiness to despair and back again. Along with it's unique visual style and art direction, Scéal has a distinctive and hauntingly melodic soundtrack, sung in Irish and made in collaboration with renowned Irish folk singers Lorcan Mac Mathuna and Aislinn Duffy.

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Scéal’s story is a small one, which allows it to be emotional, yet subtle as it handles the themes of a young girl’s life and death.

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A quick overview of Sceal which is a mini Irish Folkore PC game with Chapter 2 gameplay.

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My final rating is solely for the art, I'd be generous to really call this a game, but it has its charm.

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Sceal is, in term of narrative driven games, a must-have. It comes with considerable baggage, but at the end, it's clearly worth the time spent. Again, if too much story and very little gameplay sounds like a big flaw, steer clear. As for everyone else, there's something incredibly unique to be found here.

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