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Let it Die

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Available on:PlayStation 4Dec 3, 2016

Publisher: GungHo

Genre: Action

In the year 2026, the planet was ravaged by the Earth Rage tectonic disturbance and the island of South Tokyo was born.

Legend has it that the Tower of Barbs grew from this island.

Under the watchful eye of Uncle Death, madness has spread across the world... Your task is simple, get to the top of the tower.


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Let It Die - Teaser Trailer | PS4 thumbnail

Let It Die - Teaser Trailer | PS4

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6.4 / 10.0
Leif Johnson

Let It Die has numerous rough edges, but it manages to entertain through the sheer force of its weird personality and its varied, if clumsy combat. The controls are often clunky and there's rarely a meaningful sense of attachment to characters or gear, but its characterizations and settings often manage to keep the pain of the poorer stuff down to a minimum, at least for a while.

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Metro GameCentral

7 / 10
Metro GameCentral

A fun mix of Dark Souls and roguelike, and although the microtransactions create their own problems it does mean everyone can now experience a Suda51 game for free.

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Game Informer

7.8 / 10.0
Game Informer

Those looking for a challenging game with lots of variety, bizarre but interesting characters and settings, and a compelling, addictive loot loop will walk away satisfied

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There's nothing out there quite like Let It Die. This action game offers Souls-like combat, 40 floors to tackle, multiple paths to tackle, and a host of gear to make your own oddball fighter. The free-to-play mechanics are reasonable until you get to higher levels, where a death spiral may leave you looking for your credit card. It's not perfect, but Let It Die is damned fun.

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Recent News

Let It Die PC Version Coming Later This Year

Let It Die PC Version Coming Later This Year

Grasshopper Manufacture is releasing a Let It Die PC version later this year. Published by GungHo Online Entertainment, this free-to-play game will be coming to Steam sometime before the year's end.

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