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Available on:Wii UFeb 9, 2017
PCJan 28, 2016
Nintendo 3DSFeb 9, 2017

Developer: VaragtP

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

In Plantera you build your own garden and watch it grow with new plants, bushes, trees and animals. As you play and expand your garden you will attract helpers, round blue creatures that will help you pick up things and harvest your plants. If you want you can pluck trees and harvest plants yourself, or let your helpers do the work for you while you watch or build and invest in new plants. The helpers will even continue to work while you are not playing the game, and some new gold should always be waiting for you on your return! It's good to keep your eyes open though, as sometimes mean critters may invade your garden. Hunt them out yourself or invest in a guard dog to keep the order. Go up in level to unlock new plants, bushes, trees and animals and continue to expand and improve your garden!

Plantera Critic Reviews

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Plantera may be the only game of the clicker genre to be available for Nintendo systems but that does not excuse it from its overall repetitiveness, performance problems and interface issues that make this game difficult to play and less involving and fun than it could be, had it been developed with more practical considerations in mind.

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While Plantera doesn't boast an impressive physics engine or an exhilarating, fast-paced experience, it has a certain charm that makes it worth playing, even if only for a few minutes each evening. However, it doesn't offer much else that similar games will, and if you only intend on playing it on one platform it is a fairly high price for a title that is free on mobile devices, albeit with ads and microtransactions, and costs more than twice its PC counterpart. To sum up, if you are into relaxing farming games and want a peaceful experience, you should look into buying Plantera, but for some it may a little too simplistic and shallow to hold attention.

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Unknown Author

Plantera Dx is a very relaxing colorful clicker-style release that you can play for short bursts here and there

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In many ways, Plantera is an interesting idea. How about creating a more active clicker? It is the kind of game that has to be made to find the true appeal of something, and as such, it has a lot of value for the company, and maybe even the entire industry, to see what to avoid. The problem is, however, that it got released. This is a game that, during play test, should have got turned down and got reworked until it became a far more appealing package for its customer base. The lesson to be learned is to not sell unripe fruit.

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Audience Reviews

Cute little clicker game, it doesn't have microtransactions and is cheap which is worth it in my opinion. Only negatives for me is it's incredibly short, I did everything and got all achievements in only 8 hours, and that the screen gets very crowded after a little while.

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