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Giga Wrecker

Game Freak
Feb 6, 2017 - PC

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Metro GameCentral
5 / 10
4 / 10
7 / 10
IGN Spain
7.5 / 10
PlayStation Universe
8.5 / 10
Nintendo Enthusiast
8 / 10
Nintendo Life
7 / 10
Digital Chumps
7 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Giga Wrecker

Metro GameCentral

Unknown Author
5 / 10
Metro GameCentral

Creators of Pokémon or not, some interesting ideas can't override the terrible execution in this staggeringly ugly 2D platformer.

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Game Freak's ambitious puzzle-action platformer has a neat hook that never quite comes together.

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Giga Wrecker Alt. is a physics-based puzzle platformer that falls down in the same places as most games in the genre, but with interesting characters an intriguing story, it's a decent game on the whole. Just be aware that the difficulty is real, so if that's a deterrent, consider yourself warned.

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A good metroidvania that proves that Game Freak is able to make different types of games than Pokémon, despite it's not visually interesting and even confusing at times.

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Giga Wrecker Alt marries puzzling with Metroidvania beautifully, offering up just enough challenge without getting in its own way. Despite its few stumbles, Giga Wrecker Alt is one of those out-of-nowhere games that's well worth your time.

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Giga Wrecker Alt. is a fun action platformer that represents a fresh direction for Game Freak outside of the Pokémon realm.

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When it's not giving the world more reasons to 'Catch 'Em All', Game Freak continues to deliver interesting and unexpected forays into other genres. Much like Tembo the Badass Elephant before it, Giga Wrecker Alt. is a quirky left-turn that takes the exploration staples of a 2D Metroidvania and combines it with a destructible environment puzzle system for some creative and hugely rewarding puzzles. Combat is quite forgettable, but sucker-punching a boss with a giant ball can be ridiculous fun when you pull it off. It's looks might not be that memorable, but it's still a worthy way to make a mess on Switch.

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Unsteady motion requires forgiveness. Exacting movement demands precision. Giga Wrecker Alt's puzzle-platforming wants to have it both ways and gets trapped between frustration and satisfaction. For all of its inventive mechanics and generous agency, Giga Wrecker Alt could have benefited from more clarity and cohesion.

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