Princess Maker Refine

CFK Co., Ltd.
Feb 17, 2017 - PC
Rice Digital
4 / 5
Hey Poor Player
2 / 5
5 / 10
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Princess Maker 2 Refine for Steam - Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Princess Maker Refine

Rice Digital

Rice Digital

Princess Maker Refine lacks many of the improvements brought to us by the second instalment. Even with that said, it may very well be one of the best raising simulators on the market. Not only that, but the game is unbelievably affordable, priced at half of the asking price of its sequel. If you still haven’t played the series, this might indeed be a great starting point since you won’t be spoiled by all the enhancements of later games in the franchise.

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Excellent, original, fun. Princess Maker Refine definitely deserves so many positive reviews, altough it's not for everyone. If you don't like this kind of games where the only thing you do is click, it can be quite repetetive after short period of time.

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Sure, the Princess Maker formula has enough charm that you might be able to find entertainment in this game for an hour, maybe two, before you realize how repetitive and meaningless everything is.

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Looking at other games released in 1991, it’s honestly stunning to think that Japanese players had Final Fantasy IV, A Link to the Past and this jaw-dropping sim all in one year (and my family decided to get me Captain America for the NES…cool). So, while it may not have aged great (and honestly has been poorly ported), fans of the series can take a look in this time capsule for a few bucks, nod in recognition, and then probably never pick it up again. Sorry princess, your audience is in another castle.

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