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Feb 22, 2017 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Unexplored

Unexplored 2 has potential, but right now the adventure's unreliable and storytelling's seriously flawed.

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Unexplorer: Unlocked Edition is a roguelike that intends to bring elements found in epic adventrure and RPG games while being light on plot and other devices in order to make its experience quick, simple and immediate. And it works, as the game features all the right elements commonly featured in other games of its kind and also brings additional content that was previously available on purchase. It also features a rather disappointing multiplayer component, as well as too long loading times and a sub-par sound environment, but the right elements are there.

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While its overly simplistic art style isn't going to linger long in the memory, Unexplored's unusual approach to balancing combat and map generation certainly will. There's very little story here to be had, but like any great dungeon crawler, the real adventure is the one you write yourself. With plenty of scope for weaponsmithing and all plenty of permanent perks to unlock to help negate the sting of its permadeath, Unexplored: Unlocked Edition offers danger and delight in equal measure.

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Unexplored: Unlocked Edition is a pretty fun game. It's a unique twist on a dungeon exploration game. However, there's a lot to learn and the controls aren't always easy making the gameplay frustrating at times.

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With gameplay best suited for a mouse and keyboard, a frankly unflattering aesthetic, and truly dreadful presentation, Unexplored: Unlocked Edition comes off mostly unengaging. To put it bluntly, the core gameplay loop simply isn't strong enough to carry a procedurally generated adventure. On top of that, the procedural generation, while fairly extensive and capable of leading to genuinely unique sessions with each playthrough, isn't enough to make up for how lacklustre Unexplored feels overall.

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8 / 10

I really liked Unexplored: Unlocked Edition. Its minimalist art style was a refreshing choice for the game. Combat was varied and fun as I tried to always stay one step ahead of my enemies to keep them from overwhelming me. If you like the roguelite/roguelike releases, then you're going to have a lot of fun with this one.

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After a few short tries to get a handle on the combat and learning to traverse the dungeon, I began consistently making multi-level runs. The unfortunate part, is that those runs really weren't increasing in enjoyment the further I ventured. With the ever increasing amount of roguelite titles to choose from, I think I would rather just play one with better combat and a better crafted dungeon.

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As solid as Unexplored is in its core concept, the performance issues do represent a bit of an issue. Still, it's certainly very much worth your time if you like a good bit of exploration, and especially so if you haven't played a lot of roguelites.

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