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Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics

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Available on:PCMar 7, 2017

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

For centuries, the abbeys of Europe have had a sacred mission – to keep the flame of holy knowledge burning through an era of strife and to keep the secular powers on a righteous path. To the east, a mysterious new sect seeks out those who stray from the Prophet’s path, using not-so-gentle means to remind the impious of the power of God. And, in the shadows, alchemists and religious usurpers challenge the current order. Rumors of dark sacrifices are whispered in taverns throughout the known world. In Monks and Mystics, your characters can follow new paths in their search for religious enlightenment and holy blessing, joining sacred societies or secret brotherhoods that open new opportunities for role-playing and story-telling in one of the most popular historical strategy games ever made.

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Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics - Release Trailer

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Adding depth to characters throughout the world is always welcome, and while the concrete plotlines themselves might be a little thin, the new dimensions and allegiances that can affect the unscripted procedural stories are always welcome. Great job as usual, Paradox.

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Honestly, the biggest draw for people in Crusader Kings II: Monks & Mystics will be the addition of secret societies and cults. They're a great addition and can certainly be worth it, but the feature can certainly not be worth it to someone uninterested with the features it brings. It will make every-day life more enjoyable and interesting, but it won't be some massive shake-up for those who aren't interested in what the cults and societies have to offer.

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