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Based on 8 critic reviews
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Available on:PCMay 24, 2017

Developer: Rupeck Games

Publisher: The Yogscast

Genres: Roguelike, Action, Adventure

Caveblazers is an action focused platformer roguelike set in a fantasy world. Each game is unique with procedurally generated levels to explore and a massive amount of items, weapons and equipment to discover.
The game takes place in a recently discovered cave, said to hold "unimaginable power". You play as an adventurer setting out to explore the cave and find out what riches it holds. However, you are not the only one...

As you delve deeper in to the cave, you'll discover new areas to explore, new weapons and new monsters to try them out on.

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Caveblazers Release Trailer

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PC Gamer

84 / 100
PC Gamer

A varied, challenging platformer that's adept at forcing improvisation and punishing mistakes.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Caveblazers is superb and I'm looking forward to discovering all of its secrets, and to the local multiplayer add-on that's apparently coming soon. I can see myself playing for years to come.

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Nintendo Life

6 / 10
Nintendo Life

Caveblazers doesn't do enough wrong to be disappointing, but it doesn't do enough right to be exceptional, meaning that it occupies that awkward space in the middle. The utterly unremarkable visual style and simplistic combat is offset by a surprisingly deep well of unlockables and well-paced progression systems; this is a roguelike that checks all the right boxes, but never becomes more than the sum of its parts. If you enjoyed Risk of Rain or Dead Cells, Caveblazers is a decent recommendation, but also understand that there are far more memorable titles to be found on the eShop.

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7.5 / 10.0
Simon Brown

A competent if uninspiring roguelite platformer that provides a fun, challenging time with lots of things to unlock. Satisfying combat and challenging enemy AI makes the moment to moment gameplay worth a look.

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