Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two, Episode One Reviews

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two, Episode One is ranked in the 44th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
77 / 100
Jul 19, 2017

Jesse and friends return for another season of adventures throughout the world of blocks of Minecraft. In a period of relative peace, the Order of the Stone use their time to deal with administrative duties, with adventures being relegated to second plan. The situation changes when Jesse and Petra investigate a mine and a prismarine gauntlet gets stuck on the protagonist's hand. The story takes longer than it should to get interesting, which happens only towards the end of the episode. New players can start their journey from here, since (unfortunately) decisions from last season only bring subtle and aesthetic changes, and important characters appear for a short moment or are briefly mentioned.

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8 / 10
Jul 19, 2017

Overall I liked this episode which sets the base for a new season. The episode felt a little slow, but it ends on an epic cliffhanger (which I won't spoil here), and I can't wait to play the next episode!

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Top Critic
6 / 10
Jan 13, 2018

Episode 1: Hero in Residence is a slow start to the new season of Minecraft: Story Mode, as Jesse tries to ready Beacontown for the Founding Day celebrations. Fortunately, this early section of the game is quite fun to interact with, and the various characters create various types of "mini-games" to accomplish. Unfortunately, once Jesse and Petra jump into the mines to start their adventure, the story takes a bit of a downward turn, becoming a little bit cumbersome to complete due to the dullness of Jack's character.

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9 / 10
Jul 10, 2017

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2 - Episode 1: Hero in Residence turns out to be a game that has improved over the first season. This game, which satisfies me visually, creates a fresh game feeling with the change of some basic gameplay mechanics. You do not feel like you're playing a chapter in the first season. If you like the games of the Telltale Games, you have no reason not to play this game. Players who love the Minecraft brand and players who don't love can also play it. It's nothing like Minecraft. This is created by Telltale Games. They just share the same universe.

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7.2 / 10.0
Jul 31, 2017

In conclusion Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 1, is a game that starts a little slow and is slowly building its own story full of epic elements that leaves us intrigued and wanting more, pitifully the abundance of dialogues and The little action at the beginning of it can tire the most impatient.

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6.5 / 10.0
Jul 28, 2017

While I have long been a fan of the Telltale video games, Minecraft: Story Mode was probably my least favorite of their full season offerings to date. It got off to a slow start with a property that seemed somewhat ill-fitting to a narrative-heavy game. However, to its credit, I thought Story Mode got stronger near the end, finding some solid footing during the final chapter. I was hoping that momentum would carry over to Season Two, but Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 1: Hero in Residence reminds me a lot of the first episode in the initial season's installment.

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8.4 / 10.0
Jul 29, 2017

Hero in Residence is a solid start to the second season and another great episode.

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Jul 19, 2017

Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two starts off really well and doesn’t let up from the opening chapter to the very last scene of “Hero in Residence”. It’s a great episode with plenty of freshness in the form of new characters and locations. The gameplay is way more varied this time around, with the balance between storytelling and input being just about right.

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7 / 10
Jul 25, 2017

This is very much Marmite: Those who enjoyed Season 1 and want more will happily eat this up. Those who did not enjoy Season 1 will not enjoy this new addition. Episode 1 adds nothing to the formula and for some that will be fine.

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Sirus Gaming
Jarren Navarrete
8.9 / 10.0
Jul 20, 2017

Overall, Telltale Minecraft Season 2, Episode 1 does well to give players the hype. We are very much excited for Episode 2 which has no announced release date as of yet.

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4 / 10
Jul 16, 2017

It's only the first episode and in my experience TellTale series always get better and better as the series moves on, though I'm strained to remember a series which started as rocky at this one. I'm gonna jump into Episode 2 and hope that the story and series will get somewhere that brings back the spirit of the first season, because right now it's nowhere to be found.

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