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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSJul 6, 2017

Developer: CIRCLE Ent.

Genres: Roguelike, RPG

Classic roguelike action, plus item crafting! Alchemic Dungeons is a roguelike game that can be replayed with the random dungeon generating system. Challenge the randomly-generated dungeons to the best of your ability. One action, one turn – an orthodox turn-based roguelike game. With the item crafting feature, you can combine obtained items and create powerful items that give you advantages in battle. Though the rules are simple – you must beat enemies with magic and skills – an easy miss will leave you in trouble, surrounded by tough enemies. If you are distracted, you will get stuck. This is the thrill of roguelike games!

Alchemic Dungeons Critic Reviews

Alchemic Dungeons brings crafting to a roguelike game and it works at keeping the player's attention thanks to its variety of possibilities. It doesn't, alas, stand out in the same way when it comes to its dungeons, which end up being the game's weakest link due to their excessive size and unbalanced difficulty curve.

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While very niche, Alchemic Dungeons offers quite the fun and intrinsically addictive little experience. Sadly, though, it's also a fundamentally flawed title thanks to the regular poor design decisions that litter the entire experience. A little extra effort put into this port with more unlockables, some way to carry things over to subsequent play-throughs and ideally more difficulty options would have made this really stand out.

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Alchemic Dungeons DX, though shy about difficulty in the beginning, is an enjoyable roguelike with heavy – albeit simple – RPG mechanics built right in to the experience.

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