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Solstice Chronicles: MIA

Nkidu Games, Ironward
Jul 26, 2017 - PC

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Solstice Chronicles: MIA - Launch trailer

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Solstice Chronicles: MIA - Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Solstice Chronicles: MIA

While there are still some areas to be polished, and online multiplayer is unfortunately missing, Solstice manages to translate the souls of games like Alien Breed and Helldivers into a challenging two-player or solo adventure.

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The red planet can be an extremely exciting setting in videogames, but here it's just another color palette.

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If MIA were cheaper, or had more interesting art design, or tried to say or do something different than other games like it, or at least leaned a bit more into some of the silliness it gestures at (the dialogue has the occasional quip that indicates something the game could have been), then we'd have a something I could recommend buying. At its current state, it's worth playing if you can get it for cheap. Go save Mars in another game.

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The only area in which the tactics seems a bit forced was during the boss battles.

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Solstice Chronicles: MIA is a bit hard to sum up. It's well polished and offers moments of great fun, especially in co-op, but as a single player experience the game is slow and starts to drag quite quickly. In some aspects it feels rough and unfinished. As it stands, if you have a friend to play Solstice with, you're likely to enjoy your time with it - but if you're going to attempt the game solo, then maybe wait for a sale.

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Solstice Chronicles M.I.A is a competent shooter, with its dynamic threat level leading to tense, frightening moments. The constant dread forces an engaging and tactical risk vs reward style of play - but the often awkward controls and derivative story let it down.

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Solstice Chronicles: MIA. is a solid twin-stick shooter. I enjoyed the narrative, sequences, and even the sometimes cheesy voice work. I initially wasn't aware that the game provided skill points, in fact I accrued 19 points before I even knew the system existed. My main complaint honestly is the lack of online support, as that was hands down one of the best parts of The Red Solstice.

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A solid top-down shooter, Solstice Chronicles: MIA is very easy to pick up and has enough versatility to keep you coming back to explore its different options even after you've made it home to safety.

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