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Pneuma: Breath of Life

Deco Digital
Feb 27, 2015 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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63 / 100
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Pneuma: Breath of Life - Official Launch Day Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Pneuma: Breath of Life

A solid, if thin puzzle game, with not quite as much to say as it thinks it has.

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No Recommendation / Blank

These are intriguing times for gods in games. If the collapse of Peter Molyneux's Project Godus is an apocalyptic turn of events for the genre Populous gave life to, a new breed of "god sim" is on the march - one that seeks not to portray a god but to mechanically enact the uncertainties that make us wonder if deities exist. Breath of Life is a remarkable contribution to this highly select field. Its strength is that it looks at the same predicaments as Portal and Bioshock from a compelling angle, unburdened by lore, but it doesn't quite have the spark to be breathtaking.

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Portraying existential quandaries as gameplay puzzles is a daring idea, but ultimately this is a more enjoyable game to watch and listen to than it is to play.

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Pneuma delivers a clever puzzle-solving mechanic inside of a lonely existential mystery.

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An engaging and quirky game that packs some intriguing puzzles... as well as some that are almost too easy to solve. The narration sometimes feels like it's trying just a little too hard for its own good, but the overall experience Pneuma: Breath of Life delivers is an enjoyable one.

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However, impressive aesthetics and weighty mental gymnastics aren't enough to compensate for puzzle design that becomes a slog before long. It's a shame because Pneuma boldly asks questions about player agency, but in ways that are bogged down in tedium.

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Pneuma: Breath Of Life is a game that I urge you to experience. It's not perfect, but in a way that fits entirely with its own outlook, and its effectiveness as a story is both thought-provoking and surprising. Pre-conceptions aside, it is certainly an intriguing and unique title that explores elements of philosophy and life often left untouched by gaming.

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An aesthetically-pleasing but decidedly empty puzzle game, Pneuma scratches an itch but fails to excite

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