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Blacksea Odyssey

Blacksea Odyssey, Spiral Summit Games
Jun 1, 2016 - Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Blacksea Odyssey Release Trailer! (June 1st)

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Blacksea Odyssey Announcement Trailer

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Blacksea Odyssey Prototype Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Blacksea Odyssey

Blacksea Odyssey suffers from a poorly implemented rogue-lite structure. Putting aside the duff controls, the main hindrance to your enjoyment will be having to suffer through levelling up the player character in a near endless slog until the game finally becomes fun.

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Blacksea Odyssey feels unique in a sea of games in the same vein. There is enough here to keep players interested while not frustrating too much with its roguelike elements.

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Blacksea Odyssey is a rather challenging game for me to score because it's filled with both wonderful highs and demoralizing lows.

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Blacksea Odyssey is rather unique in the saturated genre of top-down twin-stick shooters. With it’s strong likeness to Toukiden yet played out as a top-down, Rogue-like, bounty collection game, it’s a game which you can easily spend many hours in without actually getting very far. It’s a great game for those who love games in the twin-stick shooter genre but it’s probably a bit hard for new-comers or casuals who are looking for an easy game to fly through. If you persevere and aim to get stronger every time you die, Blacksea Odyssey is both very rewarding and satisfying.

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Blacksea Odyssey is a unique and unusual game – of a type that I’ve never played before. It’s like a mixture of Asteroid and Euro Fishing, with a dash of Monster Hunter sprinkled on top.

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It’s such a shame a few technical issues exist because when Blacksea Odyssey is doing what it does best, pitting you against giant space beasties armed with nothing more than a toothpick, and you’re not caught in a mess of vines, this game is a tough but enjoyable title. It’s not as readily gratifying as other games in the genre and if you like a long tailed reward, it certainly has that whiff of Dark Souls inspiration in the finer points of its design.

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With plenty of replayability, fans of both twin stick and top down shooters should give Blacksea Odyssey a shot.

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It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but Blacksea Odyssey is a great example of bringing something new into a saturated genre.

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