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Blasters of the Universe

The Secret Location
Aug 31, 2017 - Meta Quest, HTC Vive

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Critic Reviews for Blasters of the Universe

You will see all that Blasters of the Universe has to offer within an hour, but unlike many PSVR shooters there's tonnes of replayability and it works really well as a party game if you have friends round. You're going to need more space to play than most PSVR games, and also more stamina, as dodging, ducking, and flinging your arms in all directions really gives you a work out. Like the best arcade games it has a simple but addictive gameplay mechanic and is one of the best PSVR shooters to date.

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Blasters of the Universe is easily the most physical VR game I've ever played.

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Blasters of the Universe is an absolute blast to play with silky smooth motion control and headset tracking that allows for precise shots to be pulled off with ease. The 80s cartoon style visuals, combined with the trance music, create a charmingly frantic environment for a bullet hell shooter to be set. Although its runtime is short lived, the quality of its gameplay makes Blasters of the Universe a very worthwhile venture.

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While Blasters of the Universe doesn't revolutionize the genre, it has more than enough good ideas to make it one of the top wave shooters available. Rarely does a videogame ever try so hard to make you have fun and succeed.

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With its fun visuals, finely tuned difficulty, and inherent physicality, Blasters of the Universe stands out in the crowd of VR wave shooters. While a late-game bug was disappointing, I still had a great time and plan on returning to it. Bugs can be patched, and game design this strong doesn't come knocking every day.

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Despite the short game length and few other minor issues, it does not change the fact that Blasters of the Universe is one of the most amusing VR shooters I have played in a long time. As I repeatedly mentioned virtual reality shooters as a genre is extremely oversaturated, but Blasters of the Universe is a diamond in the rough that is worth owning, and for its $14.99 price tag there is no reason why you should pass up on this distinct title.

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A pleasant, but short bullet hell game in VR. The fun is here, although it quickly gets repetitive.

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Blasters of the Universe has some good ideas but fails to execute them. Combine this with unfortunate glitches and an extremely short running time, and there's not much reason to blast in this universe.

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