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Light Tracer

Oasis Games, Void Dimensions
Sep 26, 2017 - PlayStation VR

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LIGHT TRACER – Launch Trailer | PS VR

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Light Tracer – Launch Date Trailer | PS VR

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LIGHT TRACER – Game Announce Trailer | PS VR

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Critic Reviews for Light Tracer

Light Tracer takes an interesting approach to VR platforming and environmental puzzles, even if they are generally easy to overcome. However, it would have benefitted from removing the boss battles and the design of the princess' outfit is questionable. There's plenty of ways the path finding controls of Light Tracer can be used for future, better titles, but Light Tracer itself definitely needed a lot more time to feel complete.

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I have to give props to Light Tracer for attempting to take a classic genre and flipping it on its head to fit in VR. In some areas it shines, but it is where it counts the most, in the controls, that the game just falls short on. If you have a PSVR collecting dust, then there is value in picking Light Tracer up and giving it a try, if only to experience a platformer in VR. But I would recommend maybe holding off for an inevitable sale.

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The track pads are unbelievably sensitive and movement is done by touching the pad.

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Instead of copying the status quo, Light Tracer tries to give gamers something they haven't already conquered before. The challenge behind this virtual reality experience is in figuring out how to control the character without retaining direct control over her movements. Learning to do two distinctly separate tasks in a single moment is the key to solving many of Light Tracer's puzzles and moving forward. The god view of the tower makes it feel like a toy being played with, and the hands-off approach to character control is a further way to create an observer type of character out of the player, actually assisting a tiny princess in her long journey. Light Tracer is a simple game, but succeeds in deriving a brilliant kind of complexity from a simple nature.

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Asian platformer for PlayStation VR has some nice gameplay ideas and uses PlayStation VR in an original way, but Japanese perversion effectively disgusts.

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Nick Banks
8 / 10.0

For a VR player looking for something different, Light Tracer is an absolute must. I don’t care if you’re a dyed in the wool first person shooter type. It matters not if your a young child or a grown adult. We VR headset owners have access to a library of games built by developers that are still trying to innovate and come up with smart ideas to leverage the tech medium in surprising new ways. For now, Light Tracer is one of those games. At less than half of typical asking price for videogames these days, go ahead and grab Light Tracer. Give yourself a pleasant surprise, as I did.

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9 / 10

The graphics are nicely done, and the princess is a delight to move around thanks to some smooth animation. I liked how the background music changes for each level, with an eclectic mix of genres that end up fitting the mood of the game. All in all Light Tracer is a fabulous take on the platforming genre on PlayStation VR, managing to immerse the player into a new thoroughly enjoyable immersive puzzle adventure.

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Light Tracer does something that makes it feel new. It takes what we already know, blends it, and just makes you change the way you think and for that I honestly appreciate the fresh take on this platformer of light.

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