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Astro Bears Party

QubicGames S.A.
Sep 28, 2017 - Nintendo Switch

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Astro Bears Party - Gameplay Video (Nintendo Switch™)

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Astro Bears Party - Trailer (Nintendo Switch™)

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Critic Reviews for Astro Bears Party

Not so hot alone, Astro Bears Party comes alive with friends only to quickly run out of steam.

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Bust this out at a party for 30 minutes of fun, but don't expect your friends to beg for more at the next get together.

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Astro Bears Party plays more like a tech demo that is a few days into development rather than a complete package. The concept is a neat idea, but it seems as if the developer got the absolute basics up and running and then decided to halt work to rollout the title. The amount of content in this game is so underwhelming, as a result, that it's hard to justify putting any real cash towards it. At best this is perhaps suitable for a few short rounds of multiplayer, or for any younger people who are new to video games. Otherwise you should look elsewhere if you are seeking a new party game on the Nintendo Switch.

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While Astro Bears Party doesn't set a very high threshold for itself, it's only reasonable to expect a bit more. Unfortunately, other than a few fun minutes on multiplayer, there's not much more that Astrobears' lack of content and overall feeling of emptiness can offer.

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The more players, the more stressful the situation. Visually, the game has very clean 3D models of bears that have a simple, cute design. It really is a fantastic pick–up-and-play party game, and while it doesn't aspire to be much more than a simplistic affair, it's fun for what it is.

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Astro Bears Party has a solid concept yet it fails to deliver any long-lasting good times.

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6 / 10.0

Astro Bears Party is incredibly easy to perform a game that its simplicity can take many hours, especially fans of snake that would like to try is quite good, and most importantly, still, the old absorbing, interpretation of classical performance, so why not try creation from Qubic Games. The developers have managed not only to demonstrate to the world their vision on standard mechanics, but not to spoil her innovations.

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And, that’s it. It is a shame to see Astro Bears Party score success with its manic gameplay, huggable characters, and minimalistic art direction, only to leave players without enough of a reason to return to orbit their nearest planetoid. It suits Nintendo Switch with its local multiplayer, but a lack of variety makes it hard to recommend – especially with the Nintendo eShop becoming an ever-increasingly competitive place to be.

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