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10tons Ltd
Oct 3, 2017 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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IGN Spain
7 / 10
Push Square
7 / 10
90 / 100
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8 / 10
Generación Xbox
6.5 / 10
5 / 10
Nintendo Life
5 / 10
6.5 / 10
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JYDGE Reveal Trailer: Build Your Own JYDGE

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Critic Reviews for Jydge

A shooter full of action and bullets with a very simple premise: to complete a few objetives in order to unlock new levels. It adds also some personalization in order to make it a little different.

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JYDGE is an enjoyable twin-stick shooter that has a fun and destructive core mechanic and a lot of replay value. If you're a huge fan of twin-stick shooters it'd be a crime not to give this one a try and judge it for yourself.

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If you liked Neon Chrome but wanted a more set and less random experience, Jydge is the game for you.

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Jydge is superb in its approach to a niche genre. It's violent, it bends to your particular whims thanks to an onslaught of constantly available upgrades and it never takes itself too seriously as you dispense instant jystice.

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Jydge is a game halfway between a bullet hell and an arcade shooter with zenithal view with good ideas but poor in content, with closed environments and with a little variety of enemies. Despite its flaws is a very fun and challenging game thanks to its gameplay.

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JYDGE is a rather simple game that offers a great character control and wide-ranging customization options. It doesn't go much further than this, as the game also turns out to be quite short and falls victim to a lack of variety after clearing some of the maps. Overall, JYDGE feels like many of its goals have not been fully completed.

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Much like Neon Chrome, JYDGE operates by the book. It's a mediocre experience that fails to stand out within the top-down shooter genre. Looking beyond the uninspired themes and design – not to forget the excessive use of justice-related puns – the major problems can be linked to the casual tempo of the gameplay. Further issues come from the imprecise controls, leaving you lacking the necessary precision when moving and aiming. In a genre where you want to quickly and efficiently eliminate all enemy threats, this title rarely makes you feel like a hardened law enforcer.

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All the fans of top-down shooters will spend long, exciting hours with JYDGE. However, it's no Hotline Miami, so the rest should rather wait for a discount in PS Store.

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