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Iceberg Interactive, Davit Andreasyan
Oct 5, 2017 - PC

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Inmates - Official Launch Trailer

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Inmates - 'Despair' Teaser

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Inmates - Gamescom Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Inmates

A horror game with few scares, Inmates is imprisoned by its lack of ambition.

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_________________________ “In its current state, Inmates plays more like a promising proof of concept than a finished product.

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Inmates had ambitious intentions and a few good ideas, but these were not executed well at all. Fear and thrills were extinguished by the questionable 'shaking head' effect and the game's puzzles remained overly simplistic and did not feel challenging or rewarding to complete. In addition, I encountered a number of bugs that stopped me from progressing, at points. While this game may be attractively short for some, I cannot recommend the experience.

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Inmates is a textbook example of untapped potential.

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Horror feels as though it has been heading on a downwards spiral for a while. With the release of Inmates we see whether the next batch of horror games can revive the genre.

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Inmates might deserve a higher rating, but the low budget and its very short length are hard to ignore. Even so, it's a pleasant one-night horror entertainment.

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Inmates is a relatively average horror game overall. There is an actually decent story in there and the puzzles were somewhat fun, but I do not think it was worth the time in the end.

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We had a chance to check out the game Inmates from Iceberg Interactive and I personally got mixed results. I like the story line and the game concepts, psychological horror is one of my favorite types. It allows you to question what is real, what isn’t and tricks the game is trying to play on you. This game has a lot of those elements with puzzles to solve and a plot that can be finished in around 3-4 hours. However where the game shines in the idea department the execution of these idea is what I found lacking.

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