Klabater, JetCat Games
Oct 12, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Heliborne

While it's still in early days, Heliborne is already well polished and provides a fantastic mix of tactical airborne helicopter and strategic decision making in a very affordable package. This one is well worth giving a try!

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‎When building every step of our personal growth, we focus as much on the inside as on the outside or on our trusted environment. This law of the mirror, which reflects very well what we think we know very well, is a rule that applies to people and to all those works that aspire to be something more. Heliborne reflects exactly what lies in front of it, ‎‎a type of dominant war strategy‎‎ that takes flight to offer us a kind of tribute protected by the contribution of helicopters together with the necessary means to make them operate.‎

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Unknown Author
3.5 / 5.0

Heliborne is a great online-multiplayer experience for both helicopter enthusiasts and those of us that just want to fly around and shoot stuff. It won't win any awards for its graphical prowess, but the controls work well and the different game modes are unique enough to separate Heliborne from the crowded online-multiplayer vehicular-combat subgenre. The progression feels balanced and the huge variety of helicopters available ensures you always have something new to try out. So grab your helmet, blast 'Ride of the Valkyries' over loudspeaker and take to the skies, pilot.

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Players preferring heavier realism in their simulated helicopters may want to give this game a pass, and stick to combat helicopter offerings in the DCS family instead.

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Heliborne is a great tribute to the helicopter's contributions in modern warfare, while it focuses mainly on the helicopter entity itself, and not so much anything else. In some ways this makes the game feel unfinished, but you can be sure to find a beautifully crafted helicopter model awaiting your arrival.

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Heliborne is an interesting beast, taking elements of MMOs and mixing it with vehicular combat. This gives it a leg up in the gaming community, if only due to its rather unique premise (though it is reminiscent of World of Tanks - but with more speed and airborne antics). The gameplay loop here is addictive and the game is well enough designed that it is fun to play despite some so-so presentation values.

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Heliborne is an interesting title for any player who is interested in taking control of a combat helicopter, with real models ranging from 1955 to 2000. More than 50 devices and 7 maps await us, some based on real conflicts for Enjoy both online and offline. It is evident that we are not facing a great production but it is still a recommendable game, especially in its multiplayer aspect.

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