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Think of the Children!

Surprise Attack, Jammed Up Studios
Oct 19, 2017 - PC

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Think of the Children: Launch Trailer

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Think of the Children: Ready! Set! Parent!

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Critic Reviews for Think of the Children!

Think of the Children a niche recommendation to those dying for couch co-op experiences, but the game is a disaster for solo players.

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Think of the Children can be frustrating and a lot to contend with when playing solo, but this micro-management game is great fun with friends. Couch co-op play is a blast as you work together across multiple funny scenarios to ensure your parenting skills are up to scratch.

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Think of the Children! is a hilarious party game that is simple enough for anyone to pick up and join in

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Unknown Author
6 / 10.0

The gameplay is fun, but really only if you can get some multiplayer going.

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Think of the Children is a cute idea in theory but in practice, it lacks the balance it needs to succeed

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The game’s main weakness is really that as a single-player experience it’s a bit too hard to progress as a whole. Playing with up to 3 friends makes the fact that kids will get into trouble at different corners of the screen simultaneously less hopeless, and you can then shoot for more of a zone defense approach to be successful. I’m not sure if the game intended to emphasize the wisdom in there being 2 parents, or even better that it takes a village to raise a child, but while the extremes the game goes to are pretty ridiculous (and generally entertaining) the aggravation of parenting comes through in Think of the Children with some authenticity.

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It was designed as a cooperative game and it shows. The concept and story are nice, but the difficult needs some serious changes to be viable for a solo player.

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Think of the Children is a fun and frantic party game that delivers on its promise of parenting mayhem. I enjoyed the simplistic gameplay and objectives, but really struggled with the visual style, particularly in handheld mode. I would have also loved to have some options to make difficulty adjustments, but the game as it stands shines the best when played with others, though solo mode is still achievable.

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