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Battle Chef Brigade

Cartoon Network
Nov 20, 2017 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Battle Chef Brigade Release Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade successfully mixes genres to create something wholly engaging. The charming art direction and characters, creative combat, and clever puzzle mechanics help put Battle Chef Brigade squarely in its own genre. Despite a few storytelling stumbles and some minimal repetition, the sunny disposition of Trinket Studios' puzzle/platformer/beat ‘em up ultimately shines through.

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Beast-hunting will test your reflexes while cooking them up will tease your brain, and Battle Chef Brigade's upbeat attitude and stylish looks will have you smiling the whole way through.

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Battle Chef Brigade is a nice treat, but the intensity of the cooking may make you want to pull out your hair

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If you're getting a sense that I'm waffling here between love and meh, you're reading me right. I love the premise of this game, which folds together so many of my favorite things: platformers, mobile-style brain-suck puzzles, sexy orcs and overly complicated meals. And I love so, so much of its execution, especially the gorgeous art and music.

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Battle Chef Brigade is a hard game to explain, coming across as a gumbo-style mix of Match 3 puzzle gaming, action combat, and anime storytelling. Surprisingly, everything comes together to make a fun and unique title, where players will hunt monsters and cook fabulous meals for judges in grand stadiums. The game falters in areas outside of its core gameplay, but that core is pretty deep and satisfying.

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Still, there's something whimsical and endearing that drives Battle Chef Brigade forward. Across seven-to-ten hours, Mina and her cooking companions grow on you. Charming characters and a unique blend of gameplay systems create for an alluring little game that's simple fun throughout.

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Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe brings this wonderful little dish to a new home and adds a little extra spice to an already brilliant experience. The whole experience looks wonderful, is completely and utterly joyful and is one that is worth the preparation time for a memorable dish you can even share with friends. Bon Appétit.

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A bit different from what you'd expect, Battle Chef Brigade is a pleasant surprise, and like good food it can be nice to try something different once in a while.

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