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Sky Force Reloaded

Infinite Dreams
Nov 30, 2017 - Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Sky Force Reloaded - Official Gameplay Trailer HD

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Sky Force Reloaded - Official Announcement Teaser Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Sky Force Reloaded

The shooting is fun, but the real hook is devoting time to creating a terrifying killing machine

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Sky Force Reloaded is an excellent shoot ‘em up and represents its lineage with quality. It's a shame that it forces the player to grind excessively but, still, it's a recommendable title for every user, fan of the genre or not. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-ldb4'); });

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I'm really surprised just how much I enjoyed Sky Force Reloaded, the first time I loaded it up I was playing it for five hours non-stop and at no point was I bored. Adding grind to a shoot 'em up sounds terrible but it's a genius idea to counter the shoot 'em up's traditionally short playtime. By adding the challenges, the act of replaying a level twenty or more times never gets boring. I am now going to bestow on Sky Force the highest honour I can give it: It reminds me of SWIV.

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The combination of 2D gameplay with 3D objects and some voxel based items and power ups seems like a blend of distinct styles waiting to go wrong but it works well and runs great.

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Sky Force Reloaded is a great shoot-em-up for the Nintendo Switch, and is enjoyable for the hardened veteran and newbie alike. The intense gameplay and enjoyable progression system just kept me coming back for more, and will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment.

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I've always enjoyed the genre, and everything in Sky Force Reloaded is solid enough. From a visual, gameplay, and soundtrack standpoint, I'm more than happy. I just can't shake this feeling that the game was designed to kill hours on the phone, and for me it just doesn't translate into a great home console experience.

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With a solid progression system that means no defeat has to be too punishing and every attempt gets you a little further, Sky Force Reloaded is a 'one more try' shooter. Building up your ship from a pathetic husk to a monstrous killing machine is satisfying and fun, but it's a slight shame that the game is let down at times by bland environments and all too familiar enemy types.

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Sky Force Reloaded starts the player all souped up, and then strips everything away going into the meat of the game.

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