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BlitWorks, Crackshell
Aug 12, 2013 - Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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No Recommendation / Blank

Kite the good fight.

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As a solo venture, the game can feel boring and tedious as it starts off way too slowly, despite throwing in some interesting boss fights later on. My recommendation is that you play it with friends, chat over some third-party voice program, and forget about your worries as you mindlessly slay hundreds upon hundreds of worms and skeletons and bugs and bats.

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Hammerwatch 2 is a delightful enough RPG romp held back by some issues that seem to cling stubbornly to the era that inspired it.

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Hammerwatch II gets into the meat of its gameplay right away. I loved looking for better gear and never felt like I wasn't progressing toward something the entire time I played. I also loved the freedom to do side-quests when I wanted, no longer beholden to the linear story of the first Hammerwatch. Is it hard? You better believe it, but with multiple difficulty settings to choose from, anyone who is interested in Hammerwatch II won't have a problem getting into the game. With so many new RPG games this year, it's easy to see how Hammerwatch II could go unnoticed. While it might not look different, I challange anyone who is into the genre to spend two hours playing and not want to play more. If the developer can fix a couple of minor issues, like group loot in multiplayer games, this will hopefully find some legs to go the distance I feel it can.

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Those looking for a game that properly ends may be disappointed in its initial simplicity, but those who enjoy challenging themselves with speed runs or complex rules with find a good time. Heck, there's even the promise of online play in the future, so those with family or friends afar can enjoy it together down the road. Regardless of how you want to play Hammerwatch, it's a satisfying experience through and through.

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Hammerwatch is a very welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch catalog that brings a fluid visual environment, a good variety of characters and a well developed local multiplayer mode to a retro-style adventure game that will certainly entertain many players. While the solo mode is less compelling than the local multiplayer and the promised online multiplayer is not available from the start, Hammerwatch is well worth a visit from those looking for an action-packed adventure.

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Hammerwatch can be a good time, but only really if you play it with friends.

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Hammerwatch on Switch is a great looking pixel art game with plenty of content to enjoy both in single player and multiplayer mode. With seven classes to choose from, character upgrades to unlock and two whole campaigns to complete, not to mention the game's extra modes, this is a Nintendo Switch release that is easy to recommend.

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