Necrosoft Games
Dec 19, 2017 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita
Nintendo Life
7 / 10
8 / 10
Nintendo Insider
6 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
7.5 / 10
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Gunhouse Trailers

Gunhouse trailer!! Out now for Nintendo Switch™!! thumbnail

Gunhouse trailer!! Out now for Nintendo Switch™!!

Gunhouse out now for almost everything! Wahoo it's a trailer thumbnail

Gunhouse out now for almost everything! Wahoo it's a trailer

Gunhouse! Out now for Amazon devices, Windows Phone, and PlayStation Vita! thumbnail

Gunhouse! Out now for Amazon devices, Windows Phone, and PlayStation Vita!

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Critic Reviews for Gunhouse

Even if it sounds cliché, Gunhouse really is a game of two halves. On the one hand you have an immensely attractive looking title with a wonderfully unique art style, some amazing music and over the top characters. After a few rounds though, it feels like they are trying to mask what is underneath - a simple and sometimes frustrating sliding block puzzle game. The rules seem a bit too restrictive given the interesting melding of genres, especially how the controls in docked mode aren't ideal compared to using using the touchscreen in handheld mode. When things do click though, and there's a barrage of crazy firepower at your disposal. If you can embrace the craziness and forgive the missteps, the game becomes an immensely satisfying and addictive experience.

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It's a brilliant take on the tower defense genre and the awesome music is still in my head.

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lachlan bruce

Gunhouse’s mashup of gameplay styles didn't work for me. The short 18-second puzzle window and lack of depth on the tower defence side made neither feel satisfying. The replayability was also low for me considering how repetitive the game quickly becomes. That said, there is a gorgeous art style and beautiful music, and people who enjoy short timer slider puzzles may find a lot of fun here. It is just unfortunate that fun eluded me.

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Gunhouse never lacks in spectacle, but it won’t take long before you recognise that the gameplay loop that it looks to hook you on is a shallow one. This collision of genres can still entertain, but it needed a few more ideas that remixed its own concept to keep the player’s interest from waning too quickly. It’s good in short bursts, but lacking in depth.

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Overall I’ve found it difficult to score Gunhouse. One the one hand I really like its unusual art style and appreciate the fact that it is doing something very different. On the other though I do enjoy playing it I don’t personally quite find it as addictive as I would have hoped either. I’m not positive what about the game isn’t clicking for me but having spoken to other people giving it a shot it seems there’s a mix of folks who adore it and those like me who can’t find fault but also aren’t sucked in by it. All games have an element of an acquired taste to them and in this case I find myself roughly in the middle of the road. It offers a unique challenge and its implemented quite well, but at the same time the price may be a tad high and the puzzle mechanic will have to click for you to ultimately be successful. If you’re a puzzle game fan looking for something different I’d say give a variety of reviews and videos of the game a look and try to size up the situation for yourself.

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