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Out of Ammo

Zen Studios, RocketWerkz
Sep 14, 2016 - Meta Quest, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR

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Critic Reviews for Out of Ammo

Out of Ammo is a decent experience that blends RTS and FPS together, and if can be fun if you want something quick and not too taxing. However, it's a game that shows its hand very quickly and doesn't offer much beyond that.

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The core of Out of Ammo is a decent strategy/shooter hybrid, offering a unique take on both genres. What kills a lot of the fun is the lack of PSVR customization, taking a room scale game and putting it into a much more restrictive space. Once you get past this it will be a decent amount of fun, but the lack of variety does diminish the real value of the game.

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Out of Ammo stands out as an example of a VR port gone wrong. While the core gameplay is fun, the room-sized parameters of a HTC Vive game simply do not work well on a PS VR. Playing this game feels like standing in the parking lot of an amusement park with no ticket. You can see the fun just inside, but you can't quite reach it.

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Out of Ammo is a fun, cute, violent VR first person shooter that I definitely recommend to PSVR owners.

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Even with what looks like decent ideas on paper, the implementation of just about everything in Out of Ammo is heinous. Looking for any semblance of positivity is like trying to find something new to watch on Netflix before your takeaway gets cold. No matter how good your day has been, Out of Ammo is willing and able to bring you down with a thump. You have been warned.

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The pitch for Out of Ammo sounds interesting on paper, but the execution is probably the worst PSVR game that I have ever played. Out of Ammo makes far too many critical mistakes as a virtual reality title, mistakes that even launch games managed to avoid. I spent more time fighting with the systems and mechanics than I did actually playing the game, but anytime I did get a fleeting moment of play, it wasn't worth the effort expended to get there. While the blocky Minecraft styling may have been an interesting novelty if the gameplay weren't so broken, uninteresting and unoptimized gameplay make the visual style seem more cheap than anything else. If you want an example of how to endlessly frustrate a VR player, go ahead and play Out of Ammo, but if you're interested in user friendly and entertaining VR experiences, Out of Ammo never even starts out with any ammo.

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While a lot of focus on VR games comes from playing games in a first-person view, it's great to have a change of pace with a real-time strategy game that includes an FPS element.

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While this review is hugely negative, the premise behind this game was a great one. While the execution wasn't great I believe that this game came out of the door too early, if the game had been delayed until later this year who knows if it would if had the same issues as it does now. Out Of Ammo is plagued with bugs and other issues, the core game is still there. While there isn't a huge amount of content to sink your teeth into, there are some fun moments to be had especially with a friend.

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