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TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-

Oct 18, 2017 - Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S
Weak Man

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Critic Reviews for TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-

Standing out from the crowd with a unique, physics-based control scheme is all well and good but, by restricting its usage to just one simple idea, the game feels like it needs to be developed further to truly shine.

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TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- is an interesting puzzle game with a minimalist art style and a good challenge. The core gameplay mechanics are interesting and feel different from other puzzle games, and it's a release that the speedrunning community will have a lot of fun with.

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I definitely enjoyed some of my time playing through the campaign, but I never felt that the gameplay ever really clicked with the level design. The art and sound design also leave much to be desired, and can sometimes even be straight up irritating. There may be good value for those who prefer a straightforward platformer with an interesting hook, but for others who want a little more than a one-trick pony I would think twice before downloading TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-.

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TorqueL is a tough sell, especially for those looking for an immediately rewarding or relaxing experience, but it's certainly worth the labour for anyone inclined to giving it a fair chance.

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Perhaps if you’re a big fan of action puzzles and don’t mind its minimalistic looks you’ll find enough fun in TorqueL to fully explore its branches, discover the key to its secret path, and exhaust everything it has to offer. For everyone else I would imagine it will serve as a nice temporary distraction and then results will vary in terms of how quickly the novelty and interest wears thin. TorqueL takes a good stab at providing variety but different isn’t always exciting in and of itself.

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