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Feb 21, 2018 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Vagante

An excellent, deceptively unshowy blend of platformer and roguelike.

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‎Vagante is an entertaining roguelite that will give you many hours of gameplay, which also contain much more than it seems. With cooperative for four, on the same device, local and online, it is a great game to enjoy in company, although it is true that its combat is something simple and the texts come to us without translating.‎

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Vagante is, at times, an impressive game that feels incomplete. There is no denying the incredible amount of dedication that the team put into certain aspects, especially into the visuals and variety of upgrades available, but there isn't enough of a game here to make it all come together into a complete package. The combination of a short adventure, the lack of any story, arbitrary difficulty, and minimal tutorials makes for a hard recommendation. The Nintendo Switch has plenty of incredible roguelikes and run-based indie games, and your time is better spent on them than Vagante.

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Vagante is an entertaining experience, especially with friends. It may feel familiar to players who have played games like Spelunky but it does carve its own path with its build and loot system. It's initially hard but never unfair and has quite a bit of content for a game developed by such a small team. If you're a fan of the genre, it is well worth a look.

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For those willing to master its systems, Vagante is a game that will delight in its intricacy and depth. Some may be put off by the awkward combat and sinister traps, but I'm confident that the already strong community will grow in time, sharing tips and suffering together for the foreseeable future.

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‎Between meadows and mountains, at the heart of the universe, insignificance reigns, existential emptiness, lack of values, deep dissatisfaction... On the edge of the most absolute abyss, without any direction or anchor that gives us security, Vagante invites us, in the old way, to face that piece in a loop that deals with ‎‎the destruction and reconstruction of things.‎‎ In this regard, slowing down its execution to get out of it, without additional iterations.‎

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Vagante is a moody RPG/platforming roguelike looks neat, if dark and gloomy, and plays well. It's not groundbreaking, but there's enough to keep genre fans busy with the copious amount of items to try out. It's a little on the tough side, but that's also the idea.

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It may sound heretical to some but I actually enjoy Vagante more than Spelunky. With its variety of character classes and equipment along with full cooperative multiplayer support, this indie gem is easily one of my new favourite games. See you online!

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