True Fear: Forsaken Souls - Part 1

The Digital Lounge, Goblinz Studio

True Fear: Forsaken Souls - Part 1 MastheadTrue Fear: Forsaken Souls - Part 1 Masthead

True Fear: Forsaken Souls - Part 1

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Feb 6, 2018
PCOct 19, 2016
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developers: The Digital Lounge, Goblinz Studio

Genres: Horror, Adventure

You are walking down a street you don't recognize, the fog slowing your pace to a crawl as darkness blinds you. You pause and look up to see a house; candles flicker in every window, like a beacon. Climbing the few steps to the front door, you realize many years have passed since it was last opened – it has been sealed with rust and purpose. Inexplicably, just as you know the candles are for you, you know someone waits inside. Someone who has remained in that house since before the iron began to rust. They have been patient. Waiting for over two decades. Waiting for you. True Fear: Forsaken Souls takes the best of the psychological thriller, blending in fun and intuitive gameplay mechanics. The cinematics, puzzles and hidden object phases have been carefully developed and are steeped in a unique and oppressive atmosphere. Episode 1, the first in a trilogy, will long be remembered. MAIN FEATURES An intense adventure brimming with psychological suspense in a story filled with diabolical twists and turns. A compelling storyline with action-packed gameplay! Follow the clues, find evidence and solve the mysteries to uncover more about your sister's past… and your own! Choose your adventure! Play with or without the hidden object scenes: it's up to you! Unique cinematography! Astonishing cinematic sequences lead you ever deeper into the oppressive atmosphere.

True Fear: Forsaken Souls - Part 1 Critic Reviews


I'm happy to report that this game did not disappoint. I look forward to playing the rest of the trilogy, and hopefully you enjoy the game as much as I did!

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True Fear: Forsaken Souls – Part 1 provides a compelling story and atmosphere for fans of both the horror and point-and-click genre. A mysterious story with intriguing twists and turns will keep players invested for hours to come. The title will challenge players to rely on intuition, since a variety of puzzles make up the core gameplay. The variety adds diversity to the gameplay while allowing players to feel accomplished upon completion. There is more to the game than just puzzles, as secrets and collectibles keep players invested in the environment and grant opportunities for exploration beyond the main plot. True Fear excels at elevating the point-and-click genre through genius design layouts and storytelling. While the gameplay and plot will keep players interested, some pacing issues and lack of horror elements weaken the title. The issues are not enough to outshine True Fear's excellent features, however, as the title creates a memorable experience. A major cliffhanger at the end creates excitement for Part 2 as players are left wondering, "What will happen next"? True Fear: Forsaken Souls – Part 1 is a must-play for any fans of the genre.

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8.5 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

True Fear: Forsaken Souls – Part One is an amazing breath of fresh air into the Hidden Object Game genre and I would personally rank it up there as one of my favourite titles within it in the last 12 months. From the creepy realistic atmosphere to the confusing, yet solvable puzzles, True Fear had me hooked from beginning to end and even had me turning on the lights at one point…

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