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Tower of Time

Event Horizon
Apr 12, 2018 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Tower of Time

The game might seem to be a little formulaic to veterans of CRPGs but it is not without innovations of its own. For developer Event Horizon, Tower of Time is an astounding entry that gives fans of the CRPG genre something different to sink their teeth into.

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Tower of Time is a rather enjoyable cRPG featuring an extremely engaging real-time battle system and some unusual mechanics, like its leveling system. While the story may not break away from some of the genre clichès, Tower of Time keeps players entertained with its charming characters, unique setting and well-crafted mechanics.

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Unknown Author
5 / 10

Tower of Time is a collection of a poor ideas mixed with a few positive moments. The combat system is really interesting, but it is definitely not enough to keep the player engaged.

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If you're a fan of CRPGs or just RPGs in general, you can't go wrong with Tower of Time.

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Tower of Time provides a detailed combat system that requires plenty of tactical thinking, so you get good value for money. There are points which could be refined, but as it stands, this is a good game for strategy/RPG fans.

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Tower of time is one of those games that does a lot of things well, doesn't do anything poorly, but unfortunately has a few things that are just average or don't fit the style of the game.

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Unfortunately, the console version paints a different picture: the game's charm and strengths are overshadowed by the poor technical execution. The release of a patch that just makes things worse can be an oversight, but it is still a severe one that further damages the experience. If you are looking for an RPG that dares to implement change and has a novel approach to the genre, Tower of Time has lots of potentials, but wait until all the issues are fixed.

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