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Bullet Witch

Xseed Games, Marvelous, Inc.
Apr 25, 2018 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Bullet Witch

The years have passed, accentuating the defects that Bullet Witch had in 2006. Did anyone want the resurrection of this game?

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Bullet Witch has some promise and some really great ideas behind it, however, the execution itself is incredibly sub par.

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Bullet Witch on PC does't differ much from the original version. It's the same boring game, with many technical flaws and no reason to appear once again.

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Bullet Witch is a game that should have been left where it was: forgotten in time. It has some nice ideas, especially in its gameplay, but they are all poorly executed in a muddled plot with mediocre animation, making for a port that no one asked for.

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Perhaps the reason for the existence of Bullet Witch on Steam is for the sake of preservation. Unless you still have your Xbox 360 hooked up and a disc copy of the game — or Microsoft makes this backward compatible on the Xbox One — there's no other way to play the title on modern hardware. With that being said, the unpolished gameplay and bare-bones presentation do the game no favors in this day and age, and the general failure to launch issues cast Bullet Witch in a more negative light. Unless you have a strong sense of nostalgia, there's not much of a reason to pick up Bullet Witch.

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Bullet Witch on PC is little more than it was all those years ago on Xbox 360; an adequate third person shooter with some good ideas but flawed execution.

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Even though it's been over a decade, Bullet Witch hasn't aged as badly as might be expected. There is some creativity in Alicia's skill-set. Summoning ravens and rose spikes lends a pleasing dynamic to combat. Also, reducing an entire city block to rubble just to kill a few demons never gets old. A typical play-through will only take about two-and-a-half hours, but the extra missions and harder difficulties are sufficient reasons to keep playing. Keep in mind, however, that this game is a product of its time, and its most appealing aspects run counter to what gamers take for granted today. Some simply aren't going to enjoy goofing around with physics or explosions, and that's fine.

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Despite a few neat gameplay touches Bullet Witch ultimately fails to impress and this remaster only goes to show that this game should have stayed in the past. What could have been an interesting third-person shooter is let down at almost every point by frustrating game design and bland level design.

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