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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneApr 27, 2018

Developer: codestalkers

Genre: Adventure

Korgan is an episodic dungeon-crawler game. While playing the story mode you can switch your character in real time to face different kind of enemies or obstacles. Combine their abilities: freeze an enemy with the mage, then switch your character to the warrior and finish him with brute force, or perhaps shoot him from a safe distance with the hunter. Each character have their own abilities, strengths and weakness.

Korgan Reviews



Despite a few novel ideas, Korgan fails itself with clunky controls, antiquated gameplay, and mindless combat.

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I would suggest keeping your expectations low and your mind open when trying out Korgan.

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Prologue to Korgan was enough for me to resign from playing paid episodes. The prologue provides a few hours of unremarkable gameplay that is plenty enough to show how rough the game is and how simplistic the gameplay is. Changing characters on the fly is a bad idea, especially since on of the is clearly better than the rest.

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For the most part I found Korgan to be very simple, stiff at times and mostly just alright.

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