Towards The Pantheon

Connor O.R.T. Linning
May 16, 2018 - PC

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8 / 10
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Towards The Pantheon Release Trailer - Available Now On Steam & Itch.io! thumbnail

Towards The Pantheon Release Trailer - Available Now On Steam & Itch.io!

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Critic Reviews for Towards The Pantheon

Towards the Pantheon feels like a turn-based Zelda game.

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Towards the Pantheon is a masterpiece of story and gameplay as its main tale and subplots all find ways of joining together in the end. You will be sucked into the world that was created for those seeking the thrill of an old-time RPG.

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Well written, quaintly designed and only occasionally fatiguing, Towards the Pantheon fully embraces RPG convention, using the genre's familiar narrative themes and battle systems to provide an unavoidably charming fantasy quest.

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Both Towards the Pantheon: Escaping Eternity and Towards the Pantheon are a must for any RPG fan or lover. The characters, the music, the artstyle, it has it all and it does it very well. The only reason it’s not getting perfect marks is that it froze once or twice in bad spots like me turning the final boss into a cow and because of how many times I died because of being stunned. But that’s it. Watch out for those and everything else is golden!

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As a first offering, Towards the Pantheon is impressive, hitting many of the major RPG notes that makes a game of this genre outstanding. For RPG fans, many of the gameplay tropes are there; party based combat, unique skillsets, and traits and peculiarities both in and outside of battle, yet it all comes together and it works. While the ball was dropped in terms of story development and gameplay has its flaws, it was still very much a pleasure to play. I would recommend Towards the Pantheon to anyone looking for a solid 10+ hours of classic RPG to lose themselves in. Like me, it will take closer to 12-13 hours to complete your first run, and with a price tag as low as $1.99 during a Steam sale, there’s no reason to miss out. And finally, although the game is a far cry from perfection, I hope we see more from Connor Linning in the near future, for as he says, “If you fear failure, then consider that it is better to fail creating something that fulfills you than to fail creating something that is heartless.”

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Much of Towards The Pantheon is strange like that, and yet these assorted pieces of genre-defying weirdness all coalesce into something that, against all odds, functions as a coherent whole. Its strangeness makes it difficult to compare with other titles, though it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it fits the Earthbound/Undertale mold to a certain extent in terms of presentation and tone.

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