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Jul 5, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Frost | Trailer | PS4, Xbox One, Switch

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Critic Reviews for Frost

Frost takes the deck-building and survival genres and mashes them together to create a truly challenging and strategic game. At times the game can feel unforgiving and overly hard, but requires players to actually think about their next move rather than rushing through a turn. The art style is beautiful ,and paired with an erie soundtrack creates an unsettling and true survival feeling.

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Frost is one of those rare solitaire card games that force the player to consider both moves they're making now and moves ten steps ahead if they're looking to keep treading forward. Unfortunately, there's little room for error and the slightest miscalculation will send the player to an icy grave.

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Frost is mechanically sound and has all the hallmarks of a truly great single player card game. Sadly, its inability to take the concept and really drive home something impactful leaves it feeling a little shallow and limited in the end; a missed opportunity for something so gorgeous and refined.

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The biggest draw for me was the challenge of figuring out the best strategy for survival. After that first successful journey my interest suffered frostbite until it succumbed to hypothermia only a few hours after that. I'd still recommend playing it but just like trying to play pond hockey on a negative forty day, it probably can only last a few hours.

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Frost is an interesting game overall. It's a well designed and different type of deck-based game.

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Frost is a minimalist deck-building card survival game on Nintendo Switch that I highly recommend that you play on Nintendo Switch. Its gameplay mechanics are easy to understand but hard to master, and I'm sure you're going to love your time with this indie release from Studio Tenebres, Stage Clear Studios and Digerati.

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Unknown Author
9 / 10.0

Frost is a turn-based card game in which each draw of the cards could literally be life or death for your character. As with any strategic game, I would highly recommend you choose to go through the tutorial and take in everything it says before-hand, otherwise your enjoyment will be severely affected. Overall though, Frost offered me a challenge which you don't see very often on the Switch and it kept me hooked for hours upon hours as I furiously played the game to try and make it through alive! If you have a Switch (or any other console as it's on them all) and you like survival games but you want something different and something which isn't about Zombies, pick up Frost today.

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Frost is a superbly thought out deck-building strategy game. With continued support in the form of additional scenarios or even new rule sets further down the line, there is the potential for a classic in the vein of Carcassone here. If you have even a passing interest in board game type experiences developed into video games, give Frost a try.

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