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May 21, 2018 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Slipstream

‎Slipstream is a speed arcade with a retro flavor that knows very well where it comes from, who it is aimed at and where it is going, adding the right changes and novelties so that it is not a simple clone of OutRun. If you like the Sega classic, you're very likely to be dazzled...‎

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Slipstream is a terrific game, and cheap to boot. It is the ultimate evolution of the super scaler tech of my youth.

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Mindful Phill
70 / 100

Slipstream Blue Hour successfully reignites the magic of retro racing, inviting players to relive the joy and excitement that defined a generation of gamers. While its gameplay may feel repetitive in the long run and may not match the advancements of modern racing games, Slipstream Blue Hour is a charming and delightful tribute to the classics. With its wealth of content, fresh twists, and captivating blue hour-themed tracks, it's the perfect excuse to embrace nostalgia and embark on a thrilling journey through Slipstream's beloved retro world. So buckle up, hit the gas, and let Slipstream Blue Hour take you on a joyful ride back in time.

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A beautifully crafted love letter to Sega's Out Run, until the latter publisher decides to get their act together, Slipstream is not only the closest you'll get to recreating Sega's classic arcade racer on contemporary hardware, but it also adds enough new parts and components to this vintage ride to make it well worth taking in 2022.

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The gameplay feels great, with those aforementioned 90-degree drifts requiring you to dance on the analogue sticks delicately, and there’s a lightning fast pace to the action which is trance-inducing. The core course design isn’t particularly inspired – you’re either sliding or going straight, with little variation in between – but the tracks here aren’t supposed to rival the Nurburgring: this is pure nostalgia, with scorching synthesisers and optional scanlines. It’s a tantalising ode to a timeless era of arcade racers, and one we reckon even Yu Suzuki himself would be proud to put his name on.

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Not only does Slipstream play like a retro racer, it looks like one too

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Slipstream is a panacea for all those nostalgic for OutRun looking for something similar but that knows how to stand out. Drifting is wonderful in front of such well-made backgrounds, especially if to frame everything there is a varied soundtrack but always fully spot on.

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‎Slipstream ‎‎encourages self-improvement by‎‎ reminding players of a very simple mantra: practice makes the master. In this regard, formulating a series of objectives that we must take to achieve the desired rewards. They encourage us to look to the future (new scenarios in which to squeeze the full potential of our engine), and remain motivated to achieve our goals.‎

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