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Surgeon Simulator CPR

Bossa Studios
Sep 13, 2018 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Surgeon Simulator CPR

Surgeon Simulator CPR finally brings Bossa Studios' slapstick medical 'sim' to Nintendo Switch, and while its use of Joy-Con motion controls is a little rough around the edges, they do make for some brilliant local co-op shenanigans. With plenty of patients to harm (sorry, we meant 'heal'), all manner of scenarios to contend with and plenty of hidden secrets to be found both in theatres and in the interactive menu, you're at least getting one of the better versions of this veteran title.

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Surgeon Simulator CPR can be mistaken for a...simulator, of the serious kind, but that's not its purpose. Full of humour and not taking itself too seriously, Surgeon Simulator CPR will put the players at the centre of an operating room and its motion controls certainly require some learning before they can be fully assimilated.

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Obviously, Surgeon Simulator isn't meant to be taken seriously, and as long as you can keep that in the forefront of your mind, there's some fun to be had here. I should imagine it would make for some great streaming material and a few comical sessions with friends.

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The controls are an absolute mess and it's a shame, as Surgeon Simulator CPR is a funny title that is great entertainment for team of friends. While the aim is to "save" patients, doing the opposite is what eventuates most of the time thanks to some unintentional, but humorous moments. With a better control scheme, more responsive controls, and less glitches, Surgeon Simulator CPR would be an easier title to recommend on the Switch. However, beyond the poor controls, there is some enjoyment to be found here for those who don't take these too seriously.

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Surgeon Simulator CPR is a very silly game whether it’s the cartoony vibe it gives off, the wacky situations you’re thrown into or just trying to deal with the loose controls. It’s a mildly funny exercise and something to be enjoyed viewing how others interact with it, however in turns of longevity and depth you’ll find the pair lacking especially as the initial novelty starts to wear off.

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I’d consider this to be very much a love or hate kind of title with very little room in the middle. Either you’ll embrace the lack of direction and wonky controls, enjoying the ridiculousness this inevitably prompts, or you’ll get turned off by it all very quickly. The control implementation on Switch I don’t think does anything to help matters as none of the schemes are quite imprecisely precisely enough to keep it further on the wacky fun side rather than the head-bangingly aggravating side. If you’re inclined to give it a go be sure to come in with an open mind and a fair amount of patience.

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As I was forcing myself to play through this game for the sake of the review my partner was watching on and having a right old laugh at me attempting to rip out teeth, quite literally. We’ve played the game together several times and came to a very strange conclusion that the game is far more fun to watch someone play than it is to play yourself.

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Surgeon Simulator CPR is a clumsy, yet enjoyable, outing that is best played with a friend. Not for those that don’t like squirting blood… or fun.

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