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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Sep 11, 2018
PCSep 4, 2018
Nintendo SwitchSep 8, 2018

Developer: Terahard Studios

Publisher: Plug In Digital

Genres: Action, Adventure

Claws of Furry creates a blend of today's fast paced action with classic arcade Beat'em up action. With four distinct environments with unique enemies, the challenge is always evolving. Multiple modes such as Rogue-like and Arena, and unlockable outfits with unique bonuses, will keep you coming back for more. Fear not the rogue-like though; with the Pussycat mode you can play the game with checkpoints in every level, in a classic linear adventure. This will not make it much easier though, fast reflexes and a keen eye are required in order to survive the journey to free your Master. You don't have to take this journey alone though; you can have a group of up to four people in local co-op!

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While its fun for a time in single-player, Claws of Furry is definitely a brawler with two-to-four player fights in mind. With an abundance of enemies on-screen at any one time, it's the kind of game that's going to be twice as fun with someone sat next to you.

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While the charm of a side-scrolling beat 'em up where cats beat up their mortal enemies sounds very cute and appealing, that initial feeling is quickly taken away. After each level, I was left never left with satisfaction. I just felt glad it was over with. Claws of Fury might be a little more entertaining to play with a group of friends, but if you don't have any friends to play with, you might take a pass on this one.

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As you continue to play, the cracks start to show once again. Bad enemy AI isn't an unusual occurrence in a game that prides itself on being a strong beat 'em up outing. It all just stings a little.

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The premise of a beat 'em up with ninja cats is solid but Claws of Furry's messy gameplay simply doesn't allow its concept to shine.

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