Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna

KeokeN Interactive
Sep 28, 2018 - PC

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Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna Media

Deliver Us The Moon - Fortuna Trailer (2018) | KeokeN Interactive thumbnail

Deliver Us The Moon - Fortuna Trailer (2018) | KeokeN Interactive

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Critic Reviews for Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna

When you think of this game as an interactive, cinematic game, you can look past many of the shortcoming of this 3 ½ hour game. It teeters on wanting to focus only on a story while trying to maintain an interactive experience. The eerie feeling that the game creates is masterful, and its ability to make you feel like you're experiencing the world is better than most triple-A experiences. With a possible DLC in the works to explain the abrupt ending, maybe the developers can master the balance.

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Deliver us the Moon: Fortuna provides a believable setting and various modes of movement in normal, low, and no gravity that work believably and easily, and puzzles/solutions that aren't overly complex. There are also vehicles that get to drive on the surface of the moon. The story, if not edge-of-the-seat engaging was interesting if not compelling, but the lack of a final chapter is deeply disappointing.

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Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna fully delivers on what it promised, offering a very interesting take on the narrative-driven experience, an interesting sci-fi story, a great atmosphere, enjoyable puzzles and gameplay mechanics, and some interesting story twists. The experience, however, is irremediably ruined by the abrupt cliffhanger ending, which makes the game feel incomplete. While free DLC with the ending is coming, it's hard to recommend the game at full price in its current state.

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Overall, Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna is an excellent game that brings you into it. You are able to do things in the game that most games wouldn't do. The immersion and ability to do things for yourself in order to move forward is astounding. I ran into a game breaking bug on my first playthrough and the DEVs were right there to let me know what to do. I had a lot of fun with this game.

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Great game with amusing gameplay in space. However without proper ending....for now. But There will be free DLC with the rest of the story. So you should wait and then play from start till the end.

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It's hard to recommend in its current state, with very poor optimisation, but definitely one to keep an eye on in the future.

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“Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna” is an intriguing sci-fi adventure game which has mostly lovely graphics, and a pretty accurate depiction of movement in space. However, the game is more geared towards story-telling than action. Nevertheless, “Deliver Us The Moon” still does make you want to solve the mystery of the Blackout.

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