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Available on:PCOct 8, 2018

Developer: Dali Games

Genre: Adventure

Lucid Dream is the story of little Lucy, who goes on an adventure into the world of dreams with the mission to save her mother.

Lucid Dream is an award-nominated, handcrafted, colorful and emotional point&click adventure game. During the mission to save Lucy's mother, you will discover worlds such as:

- Lunar roofs - where Mr. Moon will ask you for some help.

- Oneiromancer's Planet - where you will awaken the mysterious Dream Interpreter.

- Land of Souls - where you will help a lost spirit find peace.

- Hills of Grief - where you will rescue the centaur Chiron from eternal pain.

- Mind's Atelier - where you will solve dr Frank's riddle.

- Deserts of Time - where, despite warnings from Watchmaker of Light, you will try to change your fate.

- Swamps of Seeing - where you will find your way through the stars and face your fears.

You will find almost 200 items in the game and meet lots of amazing characters, such as: Oneiromancer, Watchmaker of Light, Angle Metatron, Blind Manticore, or The Dreamweaver.

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Lucid Dream - Announcement Trailer

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Gaming Nexus

7 / 10.0
Gaming Nexus

Combing rooms for items and gadgets can only get you so far when it comes to actual engagement with both the story and gameplay of Lucid Dream, rather than evolving the genre, like the now-defunct Telltale Games did with its one-off hit The Walking Dead, all this title has done is highlight the so-called Adventure Genre's repetitive flaws in an effort to bask in the imagined fun of the past.

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The Games Machine

7.7 / 10.0
The Games Machine

Despite some flaws, Lucid Dream certainly deserves a chance because of its wonderful surreal setting – entirely hand drawn – and the events that revolve around the little, "Alice-like" protagonist.

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6.5 / 10.0

Surrealistic adventure in the world of dreams with soul-stirring theme but common gameplay.

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Indie Ranger

Indie Ranger

The gameplay in Lucid Dream consists of typical point-and-click adventure-style gameplay. You’ll select points of interest on the screen for Lucy to walk to, all while looking out for a variety of clues scattered throughout each world. These clues are sometimes easy to miss, but pressing the Spacebar will highlight the clickable items in green, making discovery easier.

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