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General Information

Available on:PCMay 18, 2018
Nintendo SwitchDec 22, 2018

Developer: Sköll Studio

Publishers: QubicGames, Light Maze

Koloro is a contemplative puzzle/platform game with a unique and dynamique one-button gameplay, lovable characters, all in a dreamlike world with striking art style, and accompanied by a captivating soundtrack. Become Kora, the little girl with pink hair, and surpass her fears and anxieties to find her little sister Lora in a world where dreams and nightmares are one! Jump and avoid the obstacles and hordes of shadows monsters led by the very naughty Bad come straight from the deepest fears of Kora! Will you be able to face the hostile world of nightmares with a single button ?! Koloro offers an extremely minimalist and out of the ordinary gameplay. Indeed, what makes the game unique is that you will have to solve wacky puzzles and face hordes of enemies and huge bosses only with the ability to jump and jump against the walls. Once transformed into a square, Kora will slide along the floor so be attentive and think carefully because each of your jumps will be essential! Go on your own to find Kora's sister or, face the dangers and solve the puzzles in a parallel story in which two players can play Kora and her sister in a cooperative shared screen mode. Once the main adventure is over, the real nightmare begins! Will you have the courage to measure yourself to the hard mode and to do better than the time challenges in each level? FEATURES ● A detailed and contrasted art direction in a dreamlike world ● Explore sumptuous, detailed and living sceneries rocked with an awesome soundtrack made for the game and a rich and engaging soundscape ● Discover a unique, elaborated, easy-to-learn and intuitive gameplay ● Find the courage overcome more than 300 levels with lot of game mechanics that require dexterity and reflection ● Live an intriguing adventure with lovable characters around the imagination, friendship and love ● Enraged fights against huge bosses ● Find all hidden bonuses scattered across multiple levels of the game ● Co-op: Invite a friend and live together a side adventure on a shared screen cooperativ mode with more than 50 levels made only for that game mode ● Surpass yourself in the hard mode unlocked at the end of the game ● Time trial challenges await you in the 300 levels of the game

Koloro Critic Reviews

There's no shortage of charming, artistic puzzle-platformers on Switch and Koloro is certainly a good one; there's much to like in its simple mechanics and narrative, and there's satisfaction to be found in its puzzle-solving. The problem is that you've almost certainly seen everything it has to offer somewhere before and, as much as it engages your grey matter while you play, it's unlikely to stay with you in the same way the games it evokes do.

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If I see more of Koloro, I hope it's in smaller doses. Having co-op as an option for all of the levels would further increase appeal. The Nintendo Switch has many puzzle platformers, so Koloro might be one for fans to wish list. Content isn't an issue here though, as there's plenty to play so long as your interest is held. Just be prepared for a bloated, largely linear, and often tough go at it.

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Dusk Fox
8 / 10

When deciding about whether this game is for you or not, it all comes down to one thing: if you like the first dozen or so levels, you will probably like the other 30+ stages it offers. If not, then it might be harder for you to really get into this one or you might find it a bit tedious. Kolori is certainly a good game that you can pick up and complete some levels here and there to come back to it whenever you want or can, so be sure to pick this one up for your Nintendo Switch!

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