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Tango: The Adventure Game

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 16, 2018

Developers: ICA GAMES, Gualicho Games

Genre: Adventure

Tango is a humorous 2D point and click adventure game set in a world of Tango, featuring music from Carlos Gardel and original music from Adriana Figueroa Mañas. Tango lyrics will be referenced in the script, as will the films of Carlos Gardel. The scenarios are real and the story mixes fiction with reality. All the chapters game are references to Tango songs. And the dialogues are influenced by the lyrics of Tango. Carlos is abandoned by his fiancee, faces gambling debts and is no longer the number one in Tango. So, he decided to change his life and win back his wife back in Paris - but with no money, and the mafia chasing him. The story begins in the prison of Ushuaia. Carlos is confined to a cell in the southernmost prison in the world, He must escape the prison. Once outside the prison, a car stops and he convinces the driver to drive to Buenos Aires. The driver of the car is "Santos" inspired by Enrique Santos Discépolo. While traveling, Carlos told through flashbacks the story of how he came to be imprisoned.

Tango: The Adventure Game Critic Reviews


Unknown Author
5 / 10.0

If you’re a fan of the point-and-click adventure genre then you may enjoy Tango: The Adventure Game. I’m a fan of the genre, always have been. Steam currently shows it as 83% positive by players. However, I’ve personally played a lot better, games that I still think about years after playing them. Tango: The Adventure Game was ok to play for a few hours, but won’t be a game I will be reminiscing about in years to come and just felt dated to me.

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Tango: The Adventure Game is an average experience. Even if you're interested in the history of tango, you won't get much substance out of this game. It's a shame it turned out to be a letdown. There are some good ideas here, especially the art style and character designs. However, this game fails to be a competent comedy and does not offer enough challenge for an enjoyable playthrough.

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