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Samsara Deluxe

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Game Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 31, 2018

Developer: Marker Limited

Genres: Puzzle, Strategy

While playing in the park, Zee follows a squirrel through a portal to a world of echoes, inhabited by a shadow child. Surrounded by the unknown and trapped in a series of realms both confusing and dangerous, the youngsters must avoid slipping into the pool between dimensions, embarking on a voyage of discovery and awakening they share with the player, up and down staircases, through light and dark, across the upside-down and the right side-up to their eventual freedom.


- Explore the reflected dimensions of the original Samsara’s 77 levels across 6 hand-detailed realms
- Deluxe content: New first to Nintendo Switch content with an additional 24 levels, new block type and one new realm.
- Simple play mechanic – choose, rotate and drop blocks and utilize their reflections
- Carefully paced advancement, new concepts introduced progressively
- Blocks must be both balanced and will respond to gravity, falling towards the pool between the two dimensions, allowing asymmetric placements…
- …Although later in the game, new types of block reflections may behave “unusually” under gravity
- Environmental interaction includes falling stones, and thorns which grow on contact with Zee’s echo but shrivel at Zee’s own touch, allowing timed block movements to be set up
- Crafted with love by a team of experienced developers in New Zealand, featuring innovative puzzle design and a unique art and animation style

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Samsara Deluxe Nintendo Switch Trailer

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The Digital Fix

6 / 10.0
The Digital Fix

Samsara invites the player into a shadowy and magical world of block-building puzzles. The gameplay experience falls down on its lack of detail, often leading to a lack of motivation to carry on into the depths of the game. However, the intricate solutions that can be achieved make the game time worthwhile, with play best reserved for a level or two in a spare few moments or a morning commute.

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7.5 / 10.0

Whether you're on the hunt for a new brain teaser or simply looking for something to play for a few minutes on break at work, Samsara is probably a game you should put on your list. Disappointing sound design aside, I found that the experience was fun both on my own and alongside friends as they tried to help me solve a particularly difficult level. It's not perfect, but for what it is and what it's trying to be the game does find some success.

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Nindie Spotlight

6.5 / 10.0
Justin Nation

In the end I’d definitely say you should give the video a look to see if the style of play suits you. It’s methodical and can throw you a challenge but between the ordinary presentation and how fundamentally basic the gameplay mechanics are it’s hardly a must-play experience either. In an eShop full of intriguing puzzle games many flavors Samsara Deluxe may be unique but it still struggles with just being very average.

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