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Hitcents, Studio Eris

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Don't Sink

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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneAug 24, 2018
PCApr 13, 2018
Nintendo SwitchJan 3, 2019
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020

Developers: Hitcents, Studio Eris

A Sandbox-Adventure-Pirate-RPG that takes inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean (2003 video game), FTL: Faster Than Light, and Sid Meier's Pirates but makes certain to stand out on its own. Explore a massive world with unique islands and landscapes. Discuss rumors and discover the origins of each island by talking to the people that live there Expect the unexpected when at sea. Events you may be unprepared for may occur such as a foodborne illness among your crew. You'll need to have access to the right supplies and have the experience to keep your ship afloat A casual but real challenge - While simple to pickup and understand, there are numerous events that only an experienced swashbuckler will be prepared for. This makes the game more satisfying for long term pirates Thoughtfully executed cutscenes that help to bring the world to life as well as reward pirates that explore Sailing between islands is necessary to expand your control over the world and to increase your reputation Tending to the morale, hunger, and thirst of your crew will require you to maintain a supply of food/water and consider whether or not rationing food is required during long journeys Governing islands you've conquered is a difficult responsibility as you will need to solve economic issues before they get out of hand Purchase larger ships as you fight your way through the sea. Famously powerful vessels such as the Galleon and Man of War are but a few of the available ships

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Unknown Author
7 / 10

The gameplay look in Don't Sink is not going to be for everyone since there is a lot of repetition involved and a lot of going back and forth the many available islands as you deliver goods to and from, while also taking on one of the over 20 sidequests to complete. I had fun playing Don't Sink as I kept my crew healthy, paying to get more citizens to my town, building new structures to increase its safety and production while I worked my way up the pirate chain, saving up for that big and deadly boat that would allow me to amass a big enough crew to start conquering other islands. Are you up for the challenge?

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The core of the gameplay is basically fetch quests occasionally broken up with uninspired combat sections on the seas. It's all quite dull and repetitive. It's trying to thrive on its charming style and the usual addictive nature of survival games, but even that isn't enough. In addition, there are two to three hours of gameplay here to fully complete the game. It's hardly fun for even that briefest of time.

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"Don't Sink" is a short-lived, beautiful game. Unless you create your own handicap, you'll be finishing the game in a few hours.

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While Don’t Sink does have a rogue-like difficulty that erases a save file upon failed naval excursion or combat, a part of me doesn’t feel that bumping up the difficulty is worth the risk, as a great deal of the gameplay has to do with waiting and saving resources rather than actively engaging in the kind of swashbuckling gameplay one might expect. If you are looking for a more laid-back, resource-management-oriented sort of title, I might recommend Don’t Sink, although a great deal of its challenge can be circumvented by playing the game relatively safe. Perhaps its the savvy, overconfident nature of piracy that I lack which caused me to shirk from its more adventurous choices. Still, the idea of wasting more time saving money and resources on the high seas didn’t make the prospect all that enticing.

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