Revenge of the Bird King

Nov 2, 2018 - PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch
6 / 10
No Recommendation
Seafoam Gaming
4 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Revenge of the Bird King

Even with some forgettable aspects, Revenge of the Bird King gives a lot of bang for its buck. The retro style is, on the whole, well done, the music is great, and it is an overall enjoyable platforming experience.

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No Recommendation / Blank
Ben Thompson

Judging a game and its flaws that comes with a measly $4.99USD price tag is tough because you can’t necessarily be blinded by your experiences of more expensive (but more polished) titles. That said, Revenge of the Bird King, at its core, is a decent game for the price. Even though I’m no expert or die-hard fan of the platforming genre, I found the general gameplay loop present to be enjoyable. But the pacing of the levels combined with frequent collision-based glitches certainly soured the experience for me a bit. But, if you live for platforming games or are looking for one with just a touch of RPG flair, throwing five bucks at Revenge of the Bird King would not be a terrible investment.

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Revenge of the Bird King is an interesting spin-off of the Gunworld series with some ideas in mind, but it’s not really that fun. Tight controls and the sense of speed you can get with this game are one thing, but if the level design and the overall structure isn’t good to compliment it, then you aren’t likely to even get anywhere without a guide or dumb luck. It’s an annoying experience for sure, and unfortunately one I cannot really recommend compared to its predecessor.

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