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Jan 10, 2019 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Elli

Elli is a lovely little puzzle platformer that's well worth spending a few hours with, though its relaxed vibe and accessible gameplay could see your attention waning before the end.

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Elli's relaxed nature makes it the perfect game to unwind with. Its world is gorgeous and its gameplay is solid, due in large part to its well designed puzzles. By the same token, its myriad technical issues and solid, yet totally shallow, core mechanics and story hold it back from being truly great.

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A fixed-camera 3D platformer that's charming enough in its own modest way, but limited ambition and a series of glitches keep Elli well short of the genre's greats. If you have any work left to do in Super Mario Odyssey or Yooka-Laylee, you probably don't need this.

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My enthusiasm for Elli ebbed and flowed over the course of my run, from boredom to excitement to finally settling for something in-between the two. It’s not a game that does anything you haven’t seen before, but it puts together a decently enjoyable experience with its time-tested mechanics.

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A charming, pretty and well made puzzle platformer, Elli is unfortunately short, unambitious and derivative, while offering no incentive to replay it once it's over.

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Its asking price may be a little steep considering the game’s lack of replayability, but if you’re a fan of platforming and adventuring, Elli definitely has enough to offer that’ll keep you engaged for several hours.

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Elli is the textbook definition of a simplistic platformer. While nothing was overly outstanding, it was just fun. If you can ignore the plot holes and plain soundtrack, it’ll definitely be a treat for the gameplay alone. However, it’s just not right now as the game is priced at $19.99 USD, and I clocked in eight hours from start to finish. In conclusion, please consider picking this up during a sale to get the most out of your dollar.

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Despite the gameplay variety in the different worlds, Elli unfortunately offers too little to stand out from the crowd. If you liked the shrines in the last Zelda and if you like a light version of them, you can take a look and won't do much wrong. Thanks to a very easy level of difficulty and the lack of fights, Elli is unlikely to offer enough entertainment value to everyone else.

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