Frenchy Bird

Carbon Fire Studio
Jan 29, 2015 - Wii U

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Frenchy Bird Trailer Wii U eShop (North America) Available NOW !!!!

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Critic Reviews for Frenchy Bird

Much as we may not like to admit it, Flappy Bird was a legitimately clever game. Taking its extraordinarily simple premise, it wrapped the challenging gameplay in a coat of exceedingly charming paint, masking the constant frustration it ought to have elicited and instead gave players the drive to do better. Within the confines of cheap, too-close-to-Mario sprites and one-note gameplay, it garnered a massive following as people joined together to play with – and against – their friends. Flappy Bird worked because it was simple. It did exactly what it needed to do; had it been any more fancy, any more complicated, any more detailed, it would not have become the phenomenon that it was.

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If you can afford the luxury of paying $1.99 for a few minutes of amusement, maybe Frenchy Bird's your thing. For the rest of us, however, the charming presentation — while a nice break from the usual blandness of these clones — is not nearly enough to justify the asking price. This is the same recycled thing we've seen over and over in the two years since Dong Nguyen had a surprise hit, and it's high time this vapid avian adventure took a permanent vacation.

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But while Carbon Fire Studio has demonstrated it has real talent behind it in its first game, I find it to be a lot of effort wasted because I can't look past the fact that this game costs money. It's pocket change, sure, but it's still the cost of a coffee. A coffee I could then buy and drink while playing Flappy Bird or one of its dozens of free clones on my iPhone or iPad - portable platforms that are far more appropriate for this kind of experience.

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It's Flappy Bird with 3D graphics and a stereotypically French art direction some, myself included, might find charming. Some might find the ultra simple gameplay addicting. Miiverse Stamps! Appropriately cheap.

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Do not get this score wrong, Frenchy Bird is one of the worst games out there. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It seems to have passed the developer's head, by a distance that has to be measured in light years to get a graspable number, that Flappy Bird was by no means made to be taken as a serious game. However, without that comedic aspect, Frenchy Bird just becomes a fool, and the worst thing with the fool is that it is painfully obvious to everyone but themselves that they are indeed a fool. However, those stamps make it impossible to simply give the game a score of one. Frenchy Bird could, however, become so much better if a patch was added that introduced a cheat code to just unlock the stamps from the off, making it into a way more tempting €1.99 four stamps pack.

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