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Arcade Spirits

PQube Limited, Fiction Factory Games
Feb 12, 2019 - PC

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Arcade Spirits - Release Date Announcement

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Arcade Spirits - Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits is a successful experiment in creating an inclusive and immersive visual novel experience, it just needs to nail the "novel" part of that experience. Yet, for as flawed as the line-to-line writing of Arcade Spirits can be, I still found myself really enjoying the overall story of the game. Arcade Spirits already won a lot of points with me for being a relatively bite-sized adventure, but I also loved the cast of characters and the casual nature of the entire experience. Unfortunately, a lot of rough writing and dialogue in the game keeps me from truly loving it.

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A visual novel happy to include everyone, with a message of togetherness and characters you want to spend time with. The arcade setting is charming, and the writing is impeccable. An easy recommendation to anyone interested in dating sims, the arcade scene, or romantic (or platonic) love.

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It doesn’t really bring any innovation into dating sim world but it is one I can easily recommend.

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Arcade Spirits presents an intriguing world filled with vibrant characters and deep emotional feeling. The story is beautifully written and provides a clear path with plenty of choices along the way to really make your story unique. While there are some conversations that repeat depending on choices made the game flows smoothly. All in all, it is a truly enjoyable story with plenty of little treasures for fans of both modern and classic gaming.

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At first glance, Arcade Spirits may appear to be only fun and pleasantly nerdy, but it is actually a visual novel packed with unexpected and heartwarming lessons.

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While it's a simple game, it's definitely one that's worth your time.

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Regardless, Arcade Spirits is a unique visual novel. It has a lot of humor as well as dourness, which will have gamers guessing their fate while simultaneously shaping it themselves. As you go from floor assistant to something much more, you'll find true love along the way. The dream of working a job you adore while finding your soulmate: a hardship in real life, but achievable in a few short hours with Arcade Spirits.

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Arcade Spirits is a niche title that will nevertheless find its audience thanks to some great writing and a very inclusive selection of diverse characters to interact with. While there are a few flaws in the sound design area, including some poor voice work and an overall low volume output, the gameplay is engaging and the plot intriguing, making this the perfect choice if you're after a fun, lighthearted experience or a well-written gaming nostalgia trip.

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