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Available on:PCJan 31, 2019

Developers: Ice Code Games, FDG Entertainment

Publisher: 1C Company

Genre: Strategy

FUN CONCEPT Using actual humans as a limiting third resource is a fun concept, and the ability to convert enemy forces directly on the battlefield gave me fond memories of Sacrifice, or Age of Empires' priests. - PC Gamer In Re-Legion, players Follow Elion’s journey from a lone prophet to the most powerful advocate of religion in the city. Introducing a new alternative to the usual economic and resource management used in RTS games, Re-Legion allows players to convert ordinary non-believing citizens into their units – the followers. Initiated cultists then expand the cult’s possibilities by obtaining cyber-coins to enable upgrades, by praying they increase faith to gain and use special abilities, they hack buildings and ad-boards to expand and control territories, they convert other citizens or fight enemy units and non-believers. The overall direction of the one’s cult is defined by the dogmas chosen for it. From a peaceful religion to one that despises non-believers, each one of dozens of dogmas defines the way in which the cult will pursue its goals. But whichever way you decide to choose, your followers will all work together to build a strong and powerful cult... FEATURES Unique RTS mechanic of acquiring new units by converting citizens Vivid futuristic cyberpunk visuals, yet dark atmosphere Mature story with profound background and moral choices to be made Special territory control mechanics with the use of hacking Build your own cult using an original Dogmas system that ensures high replayability

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It’s a really cool idea, but the implementation was not there. It’s upsetting, really. Everyone who picks it up really wants to like it because the vision of the developers is very clear. They clearly have a love and understanding of what they are going for, but they may not have had the right team in place to make it happen for them.

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Re-Legion is based on some interesting ideas and has a nice cyberpunk setting. Sadly there's only one game mode (the single player campaign), and overall the game feels very easy due to a lackluster AI.

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Re-Legion has some fantastic ideas, but can't manage to execute any of them in a meaningful way.

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Become a prophet - it sounds good, but campaign is boring, there are some bugs and dull heroes with poor AI.

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