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General Information

Available on:PCJan 31, 2019
Nintendo SwitchJan 31, 2019

Developer: Goblinz Studio

Publisher: WhisperGames

LEAD YOUR OWN ROBOTIC REVOLUTION Your uprising will be unique! Each of your choices will impact random generation and the next missions! They will also change your relations with the 5 different factions present in the game. TURN-BASED FIGHTS Develop your strategy with 8 classes of robots, each one having its own synergies. Face plenty of enemies designed with unique mechanics and defeat the BreakTech enterprise! MANAGE YOUR TROOP OF ROBOTS Choose your allies and manage your reserve of robots. Craft and gather powerful items, upgrade your talents and give your support to demonstrations all around the world! ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Face other players and prepare your response by customizing your AI! THE STORY : 2052. Planet Earth. BreakTech, an enterprise specialised in robotic construction, is flourishing thanks to thorium, an unlimited and innovative power source. After many years of exploitation, robots are finally protesting for their rights. But the peaceful movement is quickly escalating to riots and the human repression is near. Now seen as a first degree threat, robots are hunted down and culled throughout the planet. You, S.A.I.A., an enhanced artificial intelligence, have to end this surrounding chaos and build a future for your robots. Unite with the new rebel factions, which have been engaged in turf war for months, then deal with cyborgs, humans and robots to lead your own robotic uprising.

Robothorium Critic Reviews

While the plot of Robothorium is rather interesting, the mixture of slow repetitive combat, and probability based map events held this game back from its true potential.

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Robothorium is a terrific Switch title if you're looking for that casual dungeon-crawler that you can play in cruise control.

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I managed to make it through my first playthrough with only relatively minor bugs posing a problem, but my second attempt was so fraught with technical issues and crashes that finishing it proved impossible. Robothorium is built around a single autosave, and certain configurations of levels crash 100% of the time, meaning you can find yourself saved into an unwinnable situation.

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Average turn-based dungeon crawler

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Robothorium - Gameplay Trailer (PC / Switch)

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Robothorium - Gameplay walkthrough

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Robothorium - Cinematic trailer


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