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Available on:PCFeb 5, 2019

Developer: Julian Glander

Publisher: Glanderco

Genre: Interactive Story

U r a froshmin at 🅐 🅡 🅣 🅢 🅠 🅞 🅞 🅛. Ur assignments are generated & graded by an A.I. Can a video game make you more creative? Can a video game make you a better artist? Do you have what it takes to graduate from Art Sqool? It makes the idea of practicing making art seem both inviting and worthwhile but still an incredibly weird undertaking.-Kotaku The color choices are characteristically Glander: candy-like pinks and blues, everything effervescently joyful. Eagle-eyed art-nuts will love spotting references to the likes of Ed Ruscha and Yayoi Kusama, though we won’t give too many of those away. -AIGA Eye on Design Art Sqool will soon make all non-virtual art colleges redundant.-Rock Paper Shotgun Features: 🖼Explore the sprawling Art Sqool campus in 3D 🖌Find and collect cool brushes to help you in your artistic process like the wiggle brush, rainbow pencil and mop. 🎨Use your drawing pad to complete your assignments and progress through the game. 👁An A.I. art professor grades your work and hands out assignments ☁️Over 200 inspiring prompts to help u break thru any creative block. ⌚️4-6 hours of gameplay ✨Creative fulfillment basically guaranteed 🎧Soundtrack is a banger *Welcome to ART SQOOL*

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It's difficult to assign a score to a title as esoteric as Art Sqool, an art game that seeks to encourage players to tap into their creativity and doodle in the midst of a captivating, candy-coloured universe. Be it ruminating about the themes of your assignment in a cozy corner, or messing up your homework by haphazardly scribbling over your blank canvas, Art Sqool requires you to discover your potential and assign your own meaning to the experience. Even though I've found the game to be a ceaselessly charming one, there are also times when I quickly tire of its lack of incentives and activities. Give this a twirl if you're looking to indulge your artistic capabilities and moments of quiet introspection.

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Gosh I was all ready to love going to Art Sqool. But either I or it have failed. Nowhere near as odd or quirky as its trailers suggested it could be, and offering no surprises, its fun is over in the first few minutes. Bums.

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Art Sqool fails as both an "art school simulator" and a video game. There's nothing educational here, and its gameplay is the equivalent of scribbles I might've drawn as a toddler.

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Art is certainly subjective, but most people will be hard pressed to get more than an hour's enjoyment from ART SQOOL.

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ART SQOOL 🖼🎨💻[Mac/PC -- out now]

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